Army All-Star Post-Game Presser

Prescott Burgess and Ryan Mundy were on stage together in front of the national press at the US Army All Star Game post game press conference.

First the head coaches were brought into the crowded press room. But the reporters were itching for the star players! Only three groups were brought in: (1) game MVP Chris Leak, (2) West stars Reggie Bush (Calif. RB) with Kyle Wright (Calif. QB), and (3) East stars Prescott Burgess with Ryan Mundy. Mundy and Purgess were dominant in the game, bullying West receivers and runners alike.

Here's what Wolverine commitments Burgess and Mundy said to the press.

Burgess, on his announcement for Michigan:

"I already knew where I was going -- Michigan, and I'd told them. I was just waiting for the right time to announce it. I'm from Ohio, so everyone there thought I was going to Ohio State. But I just sat down, compared the two teams, and 'I saw the light."

Mundy, on playing in this game:

"We had to step our game up. Everyone here is huge. But we'll have to do that in college -- even more. So this just was a taste."

On playing together in the game with future teammate Burgess, and with so many other Michigan recruits:

Mundy: "Yeah, we've been yapping with the other players, that we're going to win the national championship. But that's just kidding around."

Burgess: "We (he and Ryan) got a little head start playing together here. We'll go to Michigan and get focused, and both do what we can to help Michigan."

Mundy: "We both want to come in and compete for playing time. I'll make him better and he'll make me better."


Once the press conference was over, Sam Webb and I went into the winners' locker room. The atmoshpere was jovial, with players all signing each others' helmets (which they get to keep). Shawn Crable got more signatures than anyone on his helmet I believe. I went around chatting with the U-M commitments and with Crable, and also with the many other former Michigan recruits on the team that I had talked to many times over the past several months. Sam busied himself talking with a couple of Ohio high school coaches present -- one who was okay with Burgess' decidion and one who wasn't(!) -- but the conversation was extremely good natured.


By the way, Sam and I talked extensively to Leon Hall's coach (and his wife) today, both before and during the game. We also ran into Clayton Richard's coach, Kevin O'Shea, and talked to him for a while. And we have developed friendships with the parents of Garrett Rivas and Ryan Mundy.

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