Green Gets to Know Michigan

Tampa (FL) ATH Christian Green made his way in Ann Arbor earlier this week to take in the last practice of the spring. The youngster's father recently chatted with GoBlueWolverine about the visit, the remaining stops on the tour, and the upcoming deliberation process that will determine his son's list of finalists.

Sam Webb:  Take me back through your Michigan trip.  First of all, was it always the plan to do the road trip thing so you could see more schools or did that sort of materialize a little bit later?

Mr. Green:  "We always try to do this on the spring break.  This year was good because we had a chance…my oldest son, we're looking at putting him in Hargrave Military Academy.  We went through there and then Christian has always been interested in Michigan, so we wanted to make sure that we got through up there on our unofficial first so he can get a feel for it.  We hadn't had a chance to meet Coach Rodriguez at all.  So we knew Coach Frey and Coach Magee.  We got a chance to meet Coach Rodriguez and his family.  Got a chance to see the University, so that was good. We got a full tour of the University.  We got a chance to see it.  Got a chance to talk to several people.   They got us to meet some people, which was good for us.  My wife was along with us, so we got a chance both of us, a chance to see and get a feel for it."

Sam Webb:  So from a parent's perspective, did it meet your expectations, did it exceed them?   How was the presentation?

Mr. Green:  "I thought the presentation was very good.  I think Michigan is really truly on the way back up.  I think from the University perspective, Michigan is Michigan – It has strong tradition.  I like what Rich had to say from an academic standpoint with what he is doing with the players.  We had a chance to look at that.  I think he has put an emphasis on that and that's important to us, making sure that we have good support when they get there.  It's a program that's up and coming.  Once he gets all the players he needs in place to run his system, he's going to be pretty good."

Sam Webb:  Did they take you into the athletic academic center over there and allow you to meet with the academic advisors or any of that kind of stuff?

Mr. Green:  "We sure did.  We sure did.  We had a great discussion with them.  We sat down and met the associate provost and the associate athletic director on the academic side.  We got a chance to see what his visions are and how they intertwine with the football team vision and what Coach Rodriguez had planned.  We had a good discussion with them, about an hour and a half, maybe an hour.  It was good for us."

Sam Webb:  What about on the athletic side?  What about the plan that they have for Christian and what about the strength and conditioning program; did they talk about those kids of things?

Mr. Green:  "We had a chance to meet with the strength and conditioning guy.  He's a very, very excited guy (laughing).  I talked to him.  I am going to do a little more research, but just from talking with him, he seems to be a guy who certainly understands kinesiology… what the athletes needs to get better.  I think that he did some things and showed us some things at how he has developed athletes over the years.  It's really not traditional on how he does it, but it seems like he's had some good results at West Virginia with Rich.  We'll see how he does.  I have a strength coach back home that I'm going to talk with more about that, but based on my initial assessment; he seems to be pretty good at what he does."

Sam Webb:  What about the plan for Christian?  I know when I talked to him before; he said, hey, I'll play wherever anyone wants me to play, but I prefer receiver, but if they want me at quarterback, I'll do that.  Did Michigan sort of lay out what their game plan for him would be if he were to go there?

Mr. Green:  "They're okay with wide receiver, of course.  We talked a little bit about that.  I didn't get into detail, detail description of that.  If we come back on an official visit that's when I really want to sit down and talk more about the specifics."

Sam Webb:  On this particular trip, what was really the goal?  Was it just to meet Rodriguez and gauge whether you wanted to come back for an official?

Mr. Green:  "Basically that and get Christian a feel for the campus.  I've gone through it on an official visit… it's so fast.  What happens is you go through it and the next thing you know, everything is just run together with all the universities visiting. I want him to get the initial feel for the campus, initial feel for the staff and we wanted too.  My wife and I wanted to go through the academic part of it to see and compare what they have to offer and how they deal with their athletes." 

Sam Webb:  We talked to the other recruit that was there for a visit, Spencer Boyd, and you guys had a chance to get acquainted with one another.

Mr. Green:  "We sure did.  We had a chance to talk with them a little bit, not about the visit so to speak, because we haven't talked to them about that yet, but I'm sure Christian will because they exchanged numbers."

Sam Webb:  Where did you guys stop off after you left Michigan?

Mr. Green:  "We just came back through University of Tennessee. We took (Interstate) 75 on down.  We were going to Georgia, but we wanted to make sure we got some family time.  We got in the mountains and it's real nice."

 Sam Webb:  What were your impressions of Tennessee?

Mr. Green:  "Tennessee was good.  They're probably a little more established program, but they got a lot of talent up there and it was a good visit as well.  I didn't do anything different at any institution.  I talked to the same people.  I wanted to compare apples to apples and we talked a little bit about how they would use Christian as well.  Now what Rich (Rodriguez) did say was they would look at him at wide receiver, but they want to look at him at quarterback a little bit as well."

Sam Webb:  So how are you guys going to determine the official visit schedule?  What is going to be the criteria for that?

Mr. Green:  "Well, we are going to go back and talk about it as a family.  First thing I think we are going to look at the academics.  My wife and I are going to look at it from that perspective (academic).  What do they have to offer?  Christian is going to get a feel for which school he felt comfortable with.  At the end of the day, what do you really want to do?  Wide receiver? And if so, we'll say okay that's what we're going for."

Sam Webb:  I got ya.  Next on the list for you guys is the University of Florida.  Are you guys going to take any more unofficial visits this summer?

Mr. Green:  "We may take a few more.  We may take one to Florida State and then on to Miami and then that'll be it for the summer.  Then I think from there we'll hopefully narrow it down and be able to narrow it down to at least five for the official visits."

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