La. DT Carnell Stewart

Our post All Star Game chat with River Ridge, La., John Curtis DL Carnell Stewart.

GBW talked after the US Army All-Star game Sunday night to All-American defensive lineman Carnell Stewart (6-5, 290 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 415-lb. bench press, 2.8 GPA) from River Ridge, Louisiana, John Curtis Christian.

First off, let me say that his stats above are accurate. Carnell was the biggest D-lineman on the West -- big without being fat. He was a starter in the game and played the majority of the snaps -- as an interior DL.

Carnell was the one injury of the game: he came off with what looked like a possibly serous knee injury. I stood nearby as the doctors checked Carnell out. Fortunately his knee checked out fine, the pain he was going through subsided -- and Carnell ran back to the sideline and was put back in the game immediately.

Carnell is one of the most 'laid back' kids participating in the game, easy to talk to (as he has been on the phone as well). Here is how our post-game conversation went.

How's the knee, Carnell?

"It feels fine. It just hurt like crazy for that little while, then it was okay again."

Do you really think you're going to make it all the say to your Jan. 31 Michigan visit?

"Oh yeah. I'm visiting Florida, LSU and Miami the next three weeks, then Michigan. I'm not going to decide until I see them all." Note: he has already visited Colorado.

What do you like about Michigan?

"They have a great football program. And they like big defensive linemen like me. I realize after being here this week that I'm really cut out for interior D-lineman, not defensive end like I kind've told you before."

Would you really go North to play? Would your coach and family go for that?

"Yeah. My coach is okay with it. And I have family in Minnesota. I've been in winter weather before."

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