Boyd Takes Quick 2nd Look at Michigan

When Scott Boyd left Notre Dame on Sunday, the initial plan was to head to Detroit Metro airport so he and his family could catch a flight home to Florida. However, because there was time to spare got of I-94 in Ann Arbor so his son Spencer and new friend Lo Wood could take another brief look at the Maize & Blue.

After chatting with Cape Coral, FL ATH Spencer Boyd and his father Scott after their recent trip to South Bend, it's obvious that they had a great time at Notre Dame.  They saw a great deal of what the Irish have to offer since they were there for three days.

"I was impressed with the visit," Spencer said.  "I talked with Coach Weis and then I had a chance to meet with Coach Corwin Brown.  He knows a lot and he is real cool."

"We had a chance to see quite a bit up there it was nice," Mr. Boyd added.  "We talked with Coach Corwin Brown who is a good coach and individual."

Upon leaving the campus it quickly became clear that Notre Dame is right up there with the Maize and Blue for Spencer's services.    It also became clear that that the Boyds didn't see as much of Michigan as they wanted to.  So while traveling down I-94 on the way to Detroit Metro airport, Mr. Boyd glanced down at his watch as they approached the Ann Arbor exit.  The time was 2:00 and their flight didn't leave until 5:15.

"I decided to go and look around up at Michigan," Mr. Boyd said.  "I am right there, so why not.  It was convenient. The boys were sleep in the back of the car so I took exit 172 which is State Street to look around."

The boys Boyd was referring to were his son and Apopka, FL CB Lo Wood, who was tagged along for the ride to the airport do to his dad having to leave South Bend early.  He too had been to Michigan before but hadn't had the chance to see campus.  They drove right up to Schembechler Hall just to take another look around.  He hadn't called any coaches or anything, but they noticed defensive line coach Bruce Tall in the parking lot.

"He was dressed up in a suit and he told me he was coming from church," Mr. Boyd recalled.  "I was surprised to see him because we just popped in. Coach Frey joined Coach Tall and they pointed out some buildings to us.  It was real brief".

This impromptu affair lasted all of 45 minutes.  Now to some this may be a big deal, but to Mr. Boyd it was simply about trying to get every ounce of information he could out of this trip.  A sudden opportunity presented itself and just so happened that Lo Wood was riding with them.

"We didn't get the chance to spend as much time at Michigan as we did at Notre Dame," he explained.  "I just wanted to see more of Ann Arbor. With my son making an early decision we probably won't make it back up here, so I wanted to make sure that we had a chance to cover and see as much as possible."

For right now Michigan and Notre Dame are up at the top of Spencer's list, and while there may still be time for others to move up, they might not have very long.

"I am looking to make a decision soon… maybe before football season," he said.  "I would like to focus on my grades, our team, and the season. Right now it is just weighing the pros and cons of all the schools to see where they stand. If anymore offers come in I will look at those and try and make some visits to see them as well. If not, then me and my family will talk about what we have had a chance to see and go from there."

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