Michigan Offers Iowa Signal Caller

The Wolverines may have already secured one dual-threat talent for the class of 2010, but are they still hunting for another that can come in and further enhance the competition at the position. Iowa City, IA QB A.J. Derby is the most recent to come into the crosshairs. GoBlueWolverine recently caught up with the Derby to get the latest on his recruitment, his connection to Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb: Is it true that Michigan recently offered you?

A.J. Derby:  "Yes.  I received a letter in the mail from them Friday."

Sam Webb:  Had you had much contact at all with Michigan before that?

A.J. Derby:  "I talked to them a couple of times before that.  They asked me to send a highlight tape and I did and then they offered."

Sam Webb:  I don't know if you recall off the top of your head, but what coach from Michigan have you been speaking with?

A.J. Derby:  "Coach Tall."

Sam Webb:  What do you know about Michigan?  Is there much interest in the Wolverines at this point?

A.J. Derby:  "Yeah there is interest.  I actually know Yale Van Dyne who used to be a receiver from Michigan and he always tells me what Michigan and everything like that.  I've always been about things from him."

Sam Webb:  How do you know Yale?

A.J. Derby:  "My dad played with the Detroit Lions with him."

Sam Webb:  Now that Michigan has been added to the mix, how many scholarship offers do you have?

A.J. Derby:  "14."

Sam Webb:  Rather than getting into all those, are there schools that are sticking out for you at this point?

A.J. Derby:  "I would say right now I am kind of open to anything and I'm going to weigh all my options when summer comes around and I'll start narrowing it down."

Sam Webb:  I read that you've also played safety, which is listed as your secondary position in your profile.  Are any schools recruiting you for other positions beside for quarterback?

AJ Derby:  "No, everyone is recruiting me for quarterback."

Sam Webb:  For people who haven't seen you play then, can you sort of describe your game.  Is there a player in college or the pros that we could compare you to?

A.J. Derby:  "Some people have said that I kind of play like Tim Tebow, but I like Ben Roethlisberger a lot too."

Sam Webb:  Those guys obviously played in different style offenses in college.  Is there a particular style of play that you prefer?

A.J. Derby:  "I haven't really decided what kind of offense I want to play in yet."

Sam Webb:  What do you play in high school?

A.J. Derby:  "We kind of spread the ball out to run, but we do straight drop back as well; we do both."

Sam Webb:  So did you grow a fan of any particular school?

A.J. Derby:  "I'm from Iowa City, so always liked Iowa, but I'm not leaning towards them right now or anything.  Everything is wide open."

Sam Webb:  Have you made any visits to any of the schools on your list and do you plan on doing so over the next few months?

A.J. Derby:  "Right now, I've gone to junior days at Iowa and Nebraska, because they are just close.  I was planning during the summer going to some schools.  I'm not really sure, which ones yet.  In about a month, I'm going out to California to see USC and Stanford."

Sam Webb:  Do you have offers from those last two schools at this point? 

A.J. Derby:  "I have nothing from USC; we're kind of talking right now.  They want to see me work out first."

Sam Webb:  Let's assume for the sake of argument that you're getting ready to sit down and make your decision; at that point, what are going to be the most significant factors in deciding where you go?

A.J. Derby:  "I kind of want a place where I fit into the community and everything like that.  It is going to be a place that I want to grow up in and when you have a great coaching staff that's going to be there for a while and a great fan base."

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you at all?

A.J. Derby:  "Not really.  My parents, we talked about it and they'll support anywhere I go."

Sam Webb:  What about immediate playing time?  Are you looking to get on the field as a true freshman?

A.J. Derby:  "I hope to.  Honestly, they can't promise any immediate playing time.  So I got to go in there and work hard."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make your decision?

A.J. Derby:  "I was hoping to get all my official visits before I make my decisions."

Sam Webb:  So how are you going to determine your five officials?   All these unofficials that you're going to take, is it possible that you might go back on official visits to some of those schools?

A.J. Derby:  "Yeah.  I'm going to take some unofficials this summer and kind of narrow it down and then by the school year, I will have the five.  Take the five officials then."

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