Josh Furman getting defensive

Josh Furman out of Millersville, Maryland has been listed as a safety by His participation at the Baltimore combine has told a different story however. GBW talked with him to see what position he is beginning to warm up to.

Josh Furman (6-2, 190) is very comfortable at the running back position; he feels as if he can make a difference in the right situation. However, recently he has gained a firm understanding of another position - on defense - that he believes he can make an impact at.

"I am really feeling the linebacker position," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I am playing with a lot of confidence -- it has made me very excited about the linebacker spot. I dream about being above 200 pounds -- you will see me unleash the fury once I get into the 200 club. (Josh might have "The 200 pound club" copyrighted -- he really likes that phrase)

Josh is thinking about his future for the next four years.

"It has me thinking about colleges ... where I can go and get some playing time right away."

One of the schools he mentioned was Michigan -- and there is a reason for that.

"I know that I can get nasty in their defense; we play the same style at my high school that they play now."

He and his father have been trying to make it up to visit Ann Arbor. "I wanted to come up for the spring game but it just didn't work out," he said dejectedly. "I have spoken with Coach Dews a few times, and with some of the other coaches on the staff ... so as far as a visit we will have to wait and see."

Josh has also received some information from a prospect that Wolverines fans are familiar with.

"Javarie Johnson. It seems me and him always end up at the same place. We were talking and he told me about his visit to Michigan last weekend. Javari's eyes were so big while he was talking about Michigan; he really liked the family atmosphere up there."

Although Josh is very interested in Michigan, there are other schools that are right there on his radar as well.

"Right now I am up to 10 offers: Michigan, West Virginia, Syracuse, Maryland, Pittsburgh among others. Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia will be up to see me in the next week."

 I asked Josh what would a college be receiving if they were to sign a player like him?

"They would be receiving a young man with character, academics, ability and a whole a lot of swagger to pass around to his teammates. As far as my character it would be the way I carry myself, to know that I am up at college to take care of business. I plan to use my abilities to give my all when I am on the field and in the classroom. I was thinking about how exciting it would be to go to college and learn new and exciting information ... that is what I am looking forward to."

With Josh recently running a 4.36 forty, look for more schools to be involved for his services.

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