Michigan Aims at Givens (Part 2)

Part 2 of GoBlueWolverine's in depth interview with newly offered tailback, Hubbard Ohio's Andre Givens. He discusses a big time track match-up with Fitzgerald Toussaint, his relationship with the Michigan commitment, his decision timeline, and much, much more.

Sam Webb: You talked earlier about running track. Do you have any big meets coming up?

Andre Givens: "I have one Saturday. I hope get to run. I think I got the 100s and 200s, but I'm telling you right now, I fell so hard today on the track. I got a big bruise or something on my knee. I don't even know man."

Sam Webb: So you might not even be able to run then.

Andre Givens: "I'm trying because I've got to get Fitz (U-M signee Fitzgerald Toussaint). I'm going to hear him for weeks…'You didn't even want to run man.' I call him my older cousin…my boy Fitz…that's my older cousin. We talk all the time. He keeps me in check. That's my boy. I got to step my game up a little bit. I think I'm going to try and (run), but most likely I'm just going to hit the 100's just to be with Fitz. The 200, I don't know about that yet. I don't know if I can do it. I know the 100, I'm going to step up and do that and see what happens."

Sam Webb: Have you guys ever raced Fitz before?

Andre Givens: "Oh yeah. I've raced Fitz all the time. The boy has got some jets on him. When I talk to him I'm like, ‘I got some jets too man.' I'm looking forward to racing him. That boy is quick. The last time I raced Fitz was last year. That's when was I still running 11.2s. That dude was running 10s and I was running 11.2, so it wasn't that good. I ran a 10.8 and I'm confident because I heard he ripped off a 10.7 the other day. Now that I ran a 10.8, I'm thinking if I got somebody to push me. It's going to be a good race."

Sam Webb: Do you and Fitz, you guys ever talk about playing in college together?

Andre Givens: "Not really. The last time I see him actually was at the mall. I bumped into him. He was like, ‘You know they offered D.J. Williamson, Antonio Kinard and Isaiah Bell also.' I was like, ‘Yeah I know about that.' He was like, ‘Did they offer you?' At the time I'm like, ‘No.' He said, ‘You got to come down and play with me man. If we're on the same team, everyone will see us.' I was like, ‘I don't know yet. When I narrow it down, we'll see what happens.‘ He was like, ‘Come down, and I'm telling you we going to run the house.' So we talked about it a little bit. He was like, ‘We going to run the house! You got to stop down and see the facilities. They're nice and you're going to like it.' I'm going to check it out for sure."

Sam Webb: You said that you going to narrow it down in the summer. How are you going to go about narrowing it down?

Andre Givens: "To tell you the truth, it's going to be hard. I'm going to sit down with my parents. I'm going to look at the best place that I feel is most comfortable for me and my parents. It's also about where I know I can play. You get five official visits, but I'm going to take unofficials too. I'm going to go up (to Michigan) and check them out myself. I want to check out what they've got. I went to Ohio State and that's it. When you go to Ohio State and all you've been to is Youngstown State, of course Ohio State looks better than Youngstown State. You've got nothing to compare it to. You've got nothing compare it to. I can't compare Ohio State to Michigan. I've never been to Michigan. I can't compare Ohio State to another school because I've never been there either. When I do go there, we going to narrow it down and see what is going on. To tell you the truth, it's going to be hard. It's going to be hard because they're all good schools, including the MAC ones. They're all good ones. Me and my parents will narrow it down and see what the best choice is for me. It's going to be hard."

Sam Webb: Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make your decision?

Andre Givens: "I wanted to do it before the football season, because you won't have so much pressure your senior year. I been thinking about it, and now I might end up choosing after the season because most likely there are going to be more (offers) to come. But then again, I always got that doubt in my mind. You got haters out there trying to injure somebody. That's another thing."

Sam Webb: You're talking about deciding early so you have the insurance of knowing that you got your scholarship already locked down?

Andre Givens: "Yes."

Sam Webb: Let's assume for the sake of argument that you're getting ready to sit down and make your final decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Andre Givens: "The coaching staff. You also got to worry about coaches. They are going to promise you some things, and then when you get there they didn't (fulfill) what they were promising you. You don't have to lie to me. There ain't no reason to lie. Be straight up. We are all men. Another thing is I want to get along with my teammates. I want to go somewhere where I can fit in, where I feel great about it. The other thing I want to look into is a diverse school. That's important. The criminal justice thing that's really important. I want to be a detective. You always want to have a backup plan."


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