Dior Mathis: a mom's point of view

The mother of Detroit Cass Tech athlete Dior Mathis was kind enough to give Sam Webb "a mother's point of view" on Dior's recruiting status.

The mother of Detroit Cass Tech athlete Dior Mathis was kind enough to give Sam Webb "a mother's point of view" on Dior's recruiting status.

Sam Webb: We got a chance to talk to Dior (Mathis), and he talked about the important factors in his decision. One of things that he said was that distance won't be a factor. I know moms sometimes feel differently, so I want to hear from you… is distance going to be a factor for Dior?

Mrs. Mathis: "You know what, distance is not a factor. Do I think being close would be great for Dior, yes. I do everything for Dior. I love my son, but if he went away, I think that would be a great experience for him, to grow on his own."

Sam Webb: So when you look at these schools from a parent's perspective, what are the characteristics that you want them to have?

Mrs. Mathis: "Number one, I would love if the coaching staffs were Christians. We really try to keep Dior well grounded in the church and that's very important. Wherever Dior goes, I need Dior not only to feel comfortable away from home, but I need to feel comfortable wherever he is and whoever is going to be over my son while he's away. Generally when coaches are Christian based – that's a great thing. So that's what we are looking for."

Sam Webb: What schools have you been to with Dior, and what coaches have you met and talked to?

Mrs. Mathis: "Of course U of M, we're just 40 minutes away from U of M. I've met Coach Rodriguez. And I have met Coach Dantonio. I met him at the Junior Day at MSU. And I met the Miami coaches. We took an unofficial to Miami last year."

Sam Webb: Lets talk about your impressions on some of those visits … specifically Michigan and Michigan State. What did you think while you were there on those junior days?

Mrs. Mathis: "Now U of M's Junior Day in slang term was ‘off the hook'. It was off the hook. We had a great time. What made it fun at U of M is that they actually had all the parents… we actually felt like we were at a real U of M game. We ran out into the stadium. I mean just being out there, imaging thousands and thousands of people watching was a great feeling. The food was great. The food was great. They fed us well. The academic lady that is in charge (Shari Acho); she's awesome. She is awesome! I'm not easily impressed and she impressed me. She really impressed me."

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State?

Mrs. Mathis: "I love Michigan State University. I like them all. We are open to everyone right now, but I will say that when I went to State there was a feeling of calmness. I don't know if that sums it up, but that is how I felt. I did like State. I liked U of M. I like Miami. I like them all. When I went to MSU for that Junior Day, I got a certain feeling of calmness that came over me."

Sam Webb: There are obviously a lot of great things that you've seen so far. How do you discern which one is the best fit? What is going to be that thing that sets one school apart from all the rest?

Mrs. Mathis: "I knew you'd ask me that – that's hard. I'm just going to pray about it, because everywhere you go, they roll out the red carpet. They are going to have all their ducks in a row. So that's kind of hard. My husband and I and Dior, we sit down at dinner every night and talk about it. We talk about it so much that Dior gets tired of it. We are just going to pray about it and let the chips fall where they may. Right now we just don't know. We want Dior to focus on his academics right now. That's pretty much it."

Sam Webb: How much of a factor is that Teric (Jones), Boubacar (Cissoko), Big Will (Campbell) and Thomas (Gordon) are there at Michigan?

Mrs. Mathis: "Those are his boys. Would it be nice if they could all play together in college, sure, but I want Dior to go where he fits, not just where his friends are. It could be anywhere, but it would be great to see all of those guys play out on the field together. That would be great."

Sam Webb: You said that you want Dior to focus on his academics right now. Do you have a timeline for when you would like to see all of this get wrapped up?

Mrs. Mathis: "Not really. I want him to take his time. I want him to have fun, but see everything nowadays is so competitive so you have to make sure that not just your grades are great, but he has to stay in shape athletically. Right now, we're just taking our time right now. There is no rush."

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