Army All Star Skills Competition

A few Wolverine commitments competed in the All Star Skills Competition. Here are a few pics of them in action!

The shooter fired the ball at the players at top speeds and various angles!

Both Prescott Burgess and Ryan Mundy competed in the receiver competition.

Prescott showed his quickness going side to side for these balls.

Prescott SKIES for the ball!

Ryan also put his quickness on display.

Ryan goes low for this one.

Neither Ryan nor Prescott made it to the finals do to some uncatchable balls fired by the shooter.

The QB's tested their accuracy by throwing at a target about 20 yards away. All of the QB's except for Chris Leak competed. However, Brady Quinn, Clayton Richard, and Kyle Wright were the top performers.

The target had holes of various sizes, with the smallest being in the top left corner.

Brady Quinn went first and was 1 of 5 in hitting the targets.

Clayton bettered Quinn by going 2 of 5!

Kyle Wright topped both of them by going 4 of 5!

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