Top Group Taking Shape for Vinson

Michigan assistant Fred Jackson paid a visit to New Orleans (La) Isidore Newman high yesterday to check in on two-way ATH Ronnie Vinson, The talented youngster has seen his stock soar in recent months, but the Wolverines remain to be a strong presence.

Sam Webb:  How is your recruitment?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Everything is going great."

Sam Webb:  I know this is the time of the year where offers really start to come in.  Have you got any new offers in the last month or so?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Yeah I've got a lot of offers this spring."

Sam Webb:  How many more would you say in the last month or so do you think that you've received?

Ronnie Vinson:  "I'm not even sure.  It's been pretty hectic, maybe about 15."

Sam Webb:  What schools have been by to see you at your school so far?

Ronnie Vinson:  "So far TCU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, LSU, Michigan, and that's all I know so far."

Sam Webb:  When did Michigan come by?

Ronnie Vinson:  "They came on Monday actually."

Sam Webb:  Did your coach get a chance to chat with you at all about what they were saying?

Ronnie Vinson:  "My coach was telling me how highly Coach Jackson thinks of me.  He was telling me everything that Coach Jackson told him; how I could fit in that program and make an impact."

Sam Webb:  Michigan wants you as a corner, right?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Michigan, I can play both ways; running back and a little corner."

Sam Webb:  Is that something that you want to do? Have you decided on that yet?

Ronnie Vinson:  "No.  I haven't really decided what I want to do.  I probably playing more comfortable just playing defense, but I haven't really decided both ways…"

Sam Webb:  I know you talked a lot about the academic side of things the last time we talked.  With as hectic as everything has been, have you had a chance to look at the academic merits of these schools that you're interested in yet?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Yeah.  I actually looked up…Coach Jackson sent me a huge brochure on Michigan school of business and I did a little research on my own.  I'm trying to get a lot more familiar with the school of business…just got to read more about it."

Sam Webb:  Have you done similar research or received similar information about the business school at the other places that you're looking at?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Yeah that's one of the first thing I do when I talk to the coaches.  We talk about the school of business that I'm interested in studying."

Sam Webb:  When are you going to get out and maybe make some visits to some of these schools?

Ronnie Vinson:  "I've already visited Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU multiple times.  I plan on going to a bunch of camps this summer.  I know for sure I am going to USC and UCLA's camp and I'm going to try and get to Michigan's camp and LSU's camp."

Sam Webb:  Have you thought about or got closer to an idea of when you are going to narrow your list down?

Ronnie Vinson:  "I've already got a little picture in my head. I'm starting to narrow it down.  I don't really have a set time when I'm going to cut anything down.  Hopefully by the end of the summer."

Sam Webb:  Just in your mind, have any schools started to emerge as the top ones on your list?

Ronnie Vinson:  "Yes that I'm in most contact with like LSU, Michigan, Tennessee, USC, UCLA, Alabama and I think that's it."

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