Legaux Still High on Michigan

Yet another New Orleans, (La) prospect had a Michigan coach drop by his school Monday. This time it was Edna Karr QB Munchie Legaux. The dual threat signal caller discusses where the Wolverines stand on his list, his summer visit plans, and more.

Sam Webb: When is the last time you heard from Michigan?

Munchie Legaux:  "Yesterday actually.  Coach Jackson came down."

Sam Webb:  So he came by the school?

Munchie Legaux:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  What is Michigan talking to you about right now?

Munchie Legaux:  "They're telling me that I'm high on their list… high on their board and that they are expecting a lot of things out of me at the University of Michigan."

Sam Webb:  When we talked before, you told me that Michigan was at the top of your list.  Has that changed in the last month?

Munchie Legaux:  "Naw.  They still are."

Sam Webb:  Michigan still at the top.  Okay, who is giving them a run for their money; who putting Michigan right now?

Munchie Legaux:  "Baylor."

Sam Webb:  What is that you like about Michigan so much?

Munchie Legaux:  "The history of the school.  It's the biggest place to play, in front of 112,000 every game.  You can't beat that.  One of the best rivalries in college football – Ohio State and Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Have any other schools been by your school to check you out?

Munchie Legaux:  "Yeah, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech and one more I want to say.  I forgot the last one."

Sam Webb:  So who has offered you thus far?

Munchie Legaux:  "Michigan, Louisiana Tech, Tulane and FIU."

Sam Webb:  Are any schools talking like they are about to offer?

Munchie Legaux:  "Baylor, Virginia, Oregon, LSU and that's all I can think of."

Sam Webb:  Have you thought about when you going to be able to get out and start to visit some of these schools?

Munchie Legaux:  "Yeah probably this summer, I'm going to try to go to as many as I can."

Sam Webb:  When you say go to are you going to try and camp at these schools or just try and go on visits?

Munchie Legaux:  "Camp."

Sam Webb:  You think you going to go to Michigan's camp?

Munchie Legaux:  "Yeah, I'm trying too.  I'm working on that."

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