Three on Top for Ifill

The leaderboad for Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills ATH Brandon Ifill has fluctuated in recent weeks. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster after Michigan's in-school visit this week get the latest on where things stand.

Sam Webb:  How have things been going for you lately?

Brandon Ifill:  "They've been going….pretty much relaxing getting ready for the season to start."

Sam Webb:  You said that you've been doing the track thing.  How is that going for you so far?

Brandon Ifill:  "Aw man that is going great… going real good, real good."

Sam Webb:  What's your fastest time so far?

Brandon Ifill:  "The 100, I ran a 10.8 and the 200, I ran like a 22.7.  Everything is going good right now.  Our relays are real good."

Sam Webb:  I haven't hollered at you in a while.  Do you have any new scholarships offers since the last time we talked?

Brandon Ifill:  "Me and Buck (aka Cullen Christian) just got Boston College yesterday.  They came down to the facility and we talked to them.  They got a new head coach and I haven't really been able to talk to them a whole lot.  They offered us yesterday."

Sam Webb:  Off the top of your head, who all has offered you scholarships at this point?

Brandon Ifill:  "Penn State, Pitt, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, Purdue, Akron, Connecticut, Rutgers, and Boston College.  That's all I can remember right now."

Sam Webb:  You were talking about that you were starting to warm up to the idea of playing defense, but I think it was Maryland that was recruiting you as a receiver right?

Brandon Ifill:  "Right, right, right, right."

Sam Webb:  How are you feeling about position right now?

Brandon Ifill:  "Right now to me it is all up in the air right now.  I'm taking all of my options.  I'm just trying to focus, especially this season on technique, defensively and offensive, equally shared, so it is about even.  Because my team needs me that's what I do. I want to do it for my team.  I'm a team player.  That's what I do… what's best for the team.  That's the main thing for me.  I really never thought about playing defense and I excelled at it and here we are talking about it right now.  I'm just trying to keep all my options open and just show how versatile I am on the field.  That's basically what I'm trying to do."

Sam Webb:  The last time we talked you mentioned plans to make it out on a few visits.  Where did you go?

Brandon Ifill:  "I went to Pitt's spring game.  I got to talk to the coaches a little bit.  Me and Buck went up to Maryland's Junior Day two weeks ago.  That was big."

Sam Webb:  I remember at one point you said that Maryland was your leader, and then there was like a tie between Maryland and Michigan, and then recently I read that Pitt was your leader.  Who is really on top at this point?

Brandon Ifill:  "Right now, it is probably be between those three schools; Michigan, Pitt and Maryland.  Those are probably my favorites.  I was really impressed at the Maryland visit with how they treated us.  We got to see everything.  The facilities… sitting there and talking to the head coach.  We got to see the campus.  We got to meet a couple of people.  It was great.  I really enjoyed it."

Sam Webb:  Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Gibson recently?

Brandon Ifill:  "No.  He was actually in town at the school, but we haven't been allowed to talk to any coaches in the school or anything."

Sam Webb:  Do you have plans to make it over to Michigan?

Brandon Ifill:  "Probably this summer, this summer is probably going to be the time for me.  I'm probably going to go up there for sure.  They are probably the #1 priority if I go anywhere.  Them and West Virginia, I'll probably go to those two."

Sam Webb:  You said that you took a couple of visits with Cullen.  I know you guys were talking this winter in San Antonio about doing something together.  Are you guys not talking about that as much any more?

Brandon Ifill:  "We still talk about it, but we just trying the best feel for us right now.  We have different opinions on certain schools.  Certain schools might not fit for Buck the way they might fit for me.  We are just trying to find the best school.  What we like best we try to pick out.  We might like the same thing or something different.  We just kind of pick each other's mind about each school that we see.  He's seen more schools than I have, so he's trying to help me out a whole lot.  He tells me about what schools that I really need to go check out and different things like that."


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