Will Christian Fight the Urge to Commit?

Michigan assistant coach Tony Gibson made it by Pittsburgh (A) Penn Hills high school earlier this week to check in on Cullen Christian. The Wolverines, however, weren't the only ones to stop through. Christian's list of visitors and scholarship offers is growing by the day. Are any of them threatening to knock the Maize & Blue off of its leadership perch?

Cullen Christian Profile

"I think I've got 14 offers now," said Christian.  "I got one from Boston College (Tuesday) as a matter of fact.  That was really a surprise.  I hadn't even talked to them.  I got one from North Carolina.  I've also got Rutgers and UCLA."

Visiting the campuses of as many suitors as possible is chief among Christian's recruiting plans in the coming months.  Each campus visit will have to live up to the standard on his trip to Michigan visit if the Wolverines are to be knocked out of the #1 spot.  Thus far that hasn't happened. 

"I've been to Michigan, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pitt," said Christian.  "The other visits were different.  They were good visits, but I still don't think they're messing with Michigan right now.  They were definitely good visits.  I saw some good things, but I don't think they're on Michigan's level yet."

Despite that strong standing, the Michigan coaching staff is not resting on its laurels.  Defensive backs coach Tony Gibson, Christian's primary recruiter Wolverines,  has continued to demonstrate to Christian that he is a priority for the Maize & Blue.

"I talked to coach Gibson and he said he was coming to see me first," he said.  "He couldn't come into practice.  He told me the next time he could actually see me.  He said he was coming around the 12th to see me workout.   A lot of schools told me that they were going to come in around the same time… the end of April / first couple weeks of May.  Pitt came down Tuesday.  UCONN came in too.  North Carolina is supposed to be coming in, Maryland is supposed to be coming in, West Virginia is supposed to be coming in, Minnesota is too."

Might a decision be on the horizon shortly after those visits?

"Nah, I'm not ready yet," said Christian.  "I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing.  I'm just going to keep working.  If I get invited to one of those all star games, I'll probably commit during one of those January All-American games.  I don't know.  It really depends on how I'm feeling oo.  I could just feel that with Michigan, nobody is going to come close to them, and I'd just make a commitment.  "

"I might take a break from working out after this (Nike) camp May 2nd at Penn State," he continued. " I'm probably going to check out Illinois.  I might get some chances to take  some more visits so I'm going to just take all of the visits I can take.  Basically I comparing everything to Michigan now.  If it's not better than what I've seen up there, and I can't vibe with the coaching or anything like that, then I'm just going to keep Michigan in the lead."

And if Wolverines manage to hold on to that spot and hook Christian, they may wind up reeling in two big fish instead one.

"Me and Brandon (Ifill) both are really looking forward to going to the same college," he stated.  "Michigan might end up getting a two for one deal (laughing)."

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