Austin White ponders things

Livonia Stevenson running back Austin White has been at the top of U-M's recruiting board since his impressive performance at the Wolverines' one day camp last June. More recently he made it to the U-M Spring Game three weekends ago, and U-M coach Rod Smith was in his school this week. GBW's Sam Webb spoke to Austin to find out where things stand for him.

Sam Webb: How was everything for you at Michigan's spring game earlier this month?

Austin White: "I definitely had a good time. It was good to see all the players and get to talk a little bit before the game, because all those guys were having a good time. All the fans that came out was real great, just to see the support that they had and everything like that."

Sam Webb: You had a lot of different guys, you had Devin (Gardner) there, Ricardo Miller, you had a bunch of guys that were already committed, where they trying to hammer you a little bit about that?

Austin White: "No not too bad. Those guys didn't really say; we just started talking about stuff. We joked around a little bit, and they were saying that I know where the right place is and stuff like that. I guess a little bit, but very cool about everything."

?Sam Webb: What about the coaching staff, when they sat you down, obviously you were one of the top guys there; when they sat you down, did the topic of you trying to get things over with quickly, did that ever come up or did they not bring it up at all?

Austin White: "The coaches always tell me every time I talk to them how much they want me to be a Wolverine and everything like that. They weren't pressuring us. They wanted to let us know what they have to offer and how good their program is. They don't pressure too much, but they let me know that they want me there."

Sam Webb: When we talked previously you said that you were going to try and get your other spring and summer visits lined up. Have you been able to get that done?

Austin White: "I got the chance to talk to Coach Porter (LSU). So it was good to talk to him for a little bit. As far as spring went, I went to Michigan spring game and then the (Michigan) State spring game. I didn't get out to go see Iowa or anything like that. In the summer, me and my family…we know we are going to make a trip, we just got to plan it now. I will hit those schools like LSU for some one day camps and some stuff like that."

?Sam Webb: So you guys really haven't laid it out exactly yet. You said you made it up to Michigan State spring game; how was that for you?

Austin White: "It was nice. It rained a little bit, so after it rained wasn't too bad. I got to see my brother. He had a pretty good game, so I was excited for him. I just liked how competitive it was."

Sam Webb: Have you got a firm picture of how exactly you fit up there?

Austin White: "Yeah. They definitely want me for running back. What they tell me is that they have formations that they might not be able to run right now because they don't have the personnel or a back that can use in the passing game and stuff like that. That was good to hear and everything."

Sam Webb: Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Jackson or Coach Smith about their plan for you at Michigan? I know they picked up that other running back, Stephen Hopkins, and we haven't talked really since they got him. Have they talked to you at all about how they see you now that they have another back in the fold?

Austin White: "I actually just talked (called him on the phone) to Coach Smith. He came to my school too. I ran into him at school, and so later I got a chance to talk to him. He told me that they ‘ve offered a lot of other backs, but that they probably only want to take 19 (commitments in the entire class). He said that they just go Stephen Hopkins, but he said he is more of a bigger back. They run a two back system and (Hopkins) is more like a Kevin Grady. After that he was asking me if I was thinking about making a decision, because right now I'm their top guy that they want to get… but they have these other guys that they are close to offering or stuff like that, or committing. He needed to know if he should hold those guys off and if they are in the running or something like that. I told him that they are definitely one of my top schools, and that I am comfortable there."

Sam Webb: It sounds like he was asking you for a timeframe. Have you figured out a timeframe for when you want to trim your list down or make a decision?

Austin White: "At first, I thought I had a set time of when I wanted to make it, but if I get to see a lot of the places and get a feel for some things, it could be any time. I know it's not going to be any time too soon, but if I can see things in the summer, it could be then. I was originally planning on making it after my visits and it might stay that way, but if I feel one place is i…I will make my decision."

Sam Webb: So you're not necessarily going to cut your list to five schools at a certain time You're just going to go through it and look through everyone and see how you feel?

Austin White: "Yeah. That's at least what I want to do. If I feel like that there is actually some place where it feels right. I want to see as many places as I can, because I feel that if I'm there that I can get the feel for myself and I can just take something, take anyone's word or anything like that."

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