Hicks Adjusts Timetable

Detroit Renaissance CB Mylan Hicks has seen his stock soar in recent months. Now he is one of the most heavily recruited prospects in Michigan. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, including word on which colleges made it by his school recently, news about his decision timetable, and more.

Sam Webb: So how is everything going?

Mylan Hicks:  "Everything is going good… real good, man."

Sam Webb:  Looks like your offer total is really going up..

Mylan Hicks:  "Yeah Missouri offered, Wisconsin offered and Purdue offered."

Sam Webb:  What does that take you up to now?

Mylan Hicks:  "Somewhere around 14 I think."

Sam Webb:  So you're blowing up something serious.  Have a lot of schools been up by your school this week or the last couple of weeks?

Mylan Hicks:  "Yeah.  Actually Purdue came (last Monday) and that's when they offered, along with Central Michigan and then (Michigan) State came up (last Thursday) and Michigan came up (last Wednesday).  Missouri came up (last Wednesday).  There have been a lot of coaches… the coaches from Buffalo came by.  There have been a lot of coaches."

Sam Webb:  With all these schools coming your way, how does it feel?  I remember a couple of months ago you had a couple offers and now you up to 14.

Mylan Hicks:  "It feels great man.  It's a once in a lifetime thing and I'm just taking advantage of it."

Sam Webb:  Before we talk about the schools that have already offered you, do you have a feeling that some other schools are on the verge of offering you?

Mylan Hicks:  "Yeah there are.  There are schools that haven't offered like Minnesota and Indiana.  There are some schools on the West Coast that are starting to look at me.  I don't think my recruiting is done if that is the question."

Sam Webb:  Has Notre Dame offered you yet?

Mylan Hicks:  "Notre Dame hasn't offered.  As a matter of fact, I've been talking to Coach Brown.  I got to get my transcript down there because I had to get it changed."

Sam Webb:  It looks like you are going to be even more heavily recruited than Chris Norman last year.  With schools from across the country starting to look at you, do you think you going to take trips out west and stuff like that? What are your plans at this point?

Mylan Hicks:  "Oh definitely.  I'm going to do whatever I can…like I said you only get this once in a lifetime.  This doesn't come around for everybody.  I'm just trying to take advantage… and like you said with Chris, I joke with them cats every day and the other day they were like 14 offers?!  I talked about (future Spartan Dana Dixon) the other week, ‘like yeah man, I hit double digits, where you at?"

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan and Michigan State have to be hammering you. What are those two schools saying to you at this point?

Mylan Hicks:  "With them being the two instate schools, I always hear from them and whenever I go to Michigan, they don't want me to go to State and when I go to State, they don't want me to go to Michigan.  Michigan said, ‘we need you.' State came up (last Thursday) and said the same thing.  It's all fun.  I'm just picking my time."

Sam Webb:  What are your parents saying about the whole deal?  I know I've seen you on a couple of visits; have they gone on any visits with you yet?

Mylan Hicks:  "Actually I've taken my dad to Toledo and I've taken my brother-in-law, he drives me…I took my dad to Tennessee two weeks ago to see Vanderbilt.  I've taken him to go see Michigan State and Michigan."

Sam Webb:  When you go on your official visits or even your unofficial visits coming up; are your parents going to be making it with you or is it something that you do solo again?

Mylan Hicks:  "My parents are trying to go to a lot of schools.  So I will probably take some more unofficials before the season.  Next year, I plan on taking all of my officials."

Sam Webb:  Lets talk about cutting down your list.  When it was like two or three schools, I imagine it was easy to distinguish between them, but now that you got 14…?

Mylan Hicks:  "That's exactly what happened.  When there were one or two schools, it was like I guess I should go here… start making my choice and seeing what I want.  And then the next thing you know, I've got a bunch of schools.  The offers just started rolling in and I just had to slow it up."

Sam Webb:  So what do you look for now sifting through 14 suitors.  What are you looking for in a school?

Mylan Hicks:  "Now, I just got to do my research.  I want to see the depth at my position; how many seniors and juniors?  I've got to develop a relationship with the coaching staff and I've just got to see the environment, somewhere I can fit in as far as the city and somewhere where I feel comfortable."

Sam Webb:  I know you're still considering all of the schools on your list, but have any of those schools started to move into like a top group?  Have you established a little bit of an order yet?

Mylan Hicks:  "I haven't even attempted to make an order, because every time I think about it and say maybe I can start choosing now, another one comes in.  I haven't even attempted to make an order."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a of timeline for when you will start thinking about it so you can sort of trim things down?  Are you paying attention to recruiting at the schools and whether they are getting close to fulfilling their allotment of defensive backs?

Mylan Hicks:  "Yeah that's definitely something I've been thinking about.  You asked me earlier, I said I really didn't have a timeline and I was going to wait until after my senior year but after thinking about it so more, I think I'm probably going to commit before the season or sometime in the beginning of the season."

Sam Webb:  That means you going to be taking a lot of visits this summer?

Mylan Hicks:  "Right."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to camp anywhere?

Mylan Hicks:  "Actually I'm going to the Scout combine on the 9th.  I believe it is happening in Illinois and I might hit up a few universities camps, but other than, not too sure."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more from Hicks in the coming days.

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