Michigan visits DT Brandon Willis

Tony Gibson, Michigan's defensive back coach, has made a stop during this Spring Evaluation Period at Duncan, South Carolina to visit the school of Defensive Tackle Brandon Willis. GBW spoke with Brandon and his father to hear their take on Coach Gibson's visit and Michigan's chances.

Brandon Willis out of James F. Byrnes High School in South Carolina is one of the top defensive tackles in the country. The Wolverines are very interested in his services. The question is: is he interested in the Wolverines?

"I am interested in Michigan" Brandon told GoBlueWolverine. "It surprised me -- I didn't know their offer was coming. I had a chance to speak briefly with Coach Gibson, he seemed to be pretty cool. He wants to get us up there to visit. He was very interested in me."

"Michigan always has a good program. I would like to get up there to see that big stadium that they have after spring practice."

The spring practice that he is referring to is going on at his high school, Byrnes High, and that will be wrapping up in about two weeks.

When his spring practice is complete, Brandon and his father will start scheduling visits. Mr. Willis is the assistant strength coach for Byrnes, and so he has had a first hand view of all the coaches coming to visit his son. He was front and center when Coach Gibson was there to see Brandon, and Mr. Willis is very excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

"The visit went good; I was very impressed meeting with Coach Gibson. Coach and I talked about everything. There is no football stadium bigger then Michigan's. They have a superb program at Michigan, with Heisman trophy winners, and we were excited about them coming to visit. It is a blessing to have an offer from any division one school, and my son has 21 offers. I am just glad that he is humble about everything."

Father and son have a plan of what they are looking for in a college.

"Academics are very important to me," Brandon said. "I am looking for a school with a very good mechanical engineering program. I am looking for a place that I would like to be at for 4 years. Competing is not a problem for me but I would like to see what the depth chart looks like."

Mr. Willis' thoughts are more like most parents: they just want what is best for there child -- the student not just the football player.

"Brandon is more then just a football player. I more proud of him for his academics than for what he has done on the football field. He has interest from Harvard and Princeton and that has a lot to say about what he has done in the classroom. I just want my son to be happy. There will have to be a great deal of trust and security whoever my son plays for."

With Brandon receiving so many offers he is looking to cut down his list soon to make it a little more manageable.

"I would like to narrow my list to a top five," he said, "because things can get hectic from time to time. So me and my dad will sit down and decide on that. One of the reasons to cut my list is that I will be graduating early."      

Distance will not play a factor in the decision making process. Brandon is very close with his dad but Mr. Willis insists the decision will be Brandon's make.

"I am just helping to guide my son down this course just as a father needs to. I told him there are no stipulations on where you can go to college."

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