Hoopsters Discuss Victory

Following a thrilling win over Wisconsin, Wolverine hoopsters Bernard Robinson Jr., LaVell Blanchard, and Daniel Horton spoke with the press. Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan also met with the media. Read on for quotes from the players and Wisconsin coach.

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the offense prior to the comeback:

"Our offense wasn't flowing the way we wanted it to flow. We turned it over a couple of times. People weren't in the right spots and as a result they were able to score on the other end."

On winning the first game of the Big Ten season:

"It's a big boost. We beat a team that won the Big Ten championship and we did it by coming from behind and getting a great victory."

LaVell Blanchard

On what the comeback means to this team:

"It's a big step for our team. I think it was a great game and a lot of guys stepped up for us by making a lot of big plays when there were big opportunities. Things just went our way tonight."

On the Maize Rage student section storming the court:

"You feel it but you don't feel it. They were out there before we knew it. It was a big win and I'm just happy that we got a win for them."

On making the first three-point shot of the night:

"It felt good. The other ones felt good but they hit the back of the iron and weren't falling for me. When that first one went through the net I just thought that this is it and if we're going to make a run then we have to do it now. That's what I tried to do."

Daniel Horton

On playing better individually:

"I think I can play better. I still had turnovers like on the lob to LaVell where I think I just lost concentration on the pass and I threw it too high. I still have things to work on."

On if he said anything to LaVell Blanchard when his shot was not falling:

"I just told him to keep shooting. He's a great shooter. When you have a guy like that you just have to keep getting him the ball when he's open and eventually he's going to start knocking them down."

On what this type of win does for the team:

"It shows that we have a lot of character. When we started off 0-6 a lot of people were doubting us and saying that it's the same old Michigan, but it's not. We're a totally different team from years past. Right now we're showing it. We believe what Coach Amaker and the entire coaching staff is teaching. They tell us if we play hard and give the effort then we have enough talent to win games and that's what we're doing."

Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

On the team's defense down the stretch:

"Defensively, I thought we did a good job. Our guys played hard throughout the game. These types of defeats are always tough to take. We have to lick our wounds though and get ready to go play again on Saturday at Illinois. You hope you can learn something from games like this."

On the offensive execution:

"They switched to a zone defense near the end but they were predominantly playing a man-to-man defense. We didn't make the decisions we needed to make and you wish that you could redo them but you can't."

On LaVell Blanchard's second-half performance:

"Blanchard proved that he is a great player. It's not like we didn't know about it. He turned it on when he needed to."

On the final minutes of the game:

"We played a great 35-minute ballgame and we had a chance to take a turn towards the left side of the win-loss column and we just didn't play out the entire game."

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