Michigan Gets Into the Game with Hunter

Replenishing the depth and talent along the defensive line is one of the top priorities for Michigan's 2010 recruiting class. Understanding that obvious need, the Wolverine coaching staff hit the road in recent days with the apparent task of uncovering new targets. One of the latest additions to the hit list is Cary, NC defensive end Fre'shad Hunter.

Fre'Shad Hunter Profile

"They just offered me (Monday)," Hunter told GoBlueWolverine.  "It was a total surprise because I've never heard anything from Michigan.  The coach showed up, then (later) an offer came.  It was a great surprise."

During a conversation after the visit Hunter was told in no uncertain terms that he could be an immediate factor in Ann Arbor.

"They said there's early playing time at defensive end," Hunter recalled.  "They told me that after watching my film they think I would be a defensive end with my hand down instead of a stand-up end, but they said I could switch to both.  The things that I bring to the football field are speed, quickness and power.  I come off the end with my hand down, and after I get a sack there is nothing like getting another one.  It gets me pumped up on the gridiron.  I'm a player that loves to get out there every play.  Every chance I get I'm going to try and be around the ball."

The Tar Heel State standout admittedly had little interest in the Wolverines prior to the recent overtures on their part.  However, they are now a definite factor in his recruitment. 

"I was up about 10 (scholarships)," said Hunter of his recruitment before Michigan got involved.  "Florida State, LSU, Tennessee and Florida do too.  I'm now interested in Michigan as well because they offered me."

One obvious difference between Michigan and the other prime contenders is location.  As it turns out, that puts Michigan at no more of a disadvantage than the majority of his other suitors.

"I love cold weather, so that's not a problem (for Michigan)" he said.  "It's pretty fun playing in cold weather.  It might hurt every now and then because your hands numb and you can't close your hands.  But all and all, cold weather is football weather."

"NC State is top on my list and the reason why they are the top because they were the first to offer and (the distance from home) was a great plus to my mom," Hunter continued.  "Honestly, NC State is like five minutes from my house. I could walk to NC State ... that is good thing."

Despite that strong home court advantage for the Wolfpack, Hunter insists the other schools on his leaderboard will have ample opportunity to move up.

"As of right now the table is open," he stated.  "I'm open to recruiting and I want to take the whole ride.  I'm going to ride it down to the end and make my decision based off what I am thinking in my mind.  I'm going to be looking for a school that I can go and get a good degree in a safe environment.  The coaching staff is another big part of the recruiting process.  You have to get along with your coaches and you have to do your homework on your coaches so you know who you're going to be playing for.

One of the major ingredients in determining which of the schools best meet the aforementioned decision criteria will be yet-to-be scheduled unofficial visits. 

"I've already visited NC State, ECU and Wake Forest," Hunter reported.  "I'm going to try and visit my whole school list if it is possible.  If it's possibly done and my mom talked to me and we can get the transportation and everything worked out, I'm going to try and visit all the schools on the list."

Getting a visit date carved out before the list of chasers gets too much longer could be crucial for many of the current contenders.  Hunter's somewhat fluid decision timeline could limit the number of available chances to get him on campus.

"I wanted to try and make my decision after my senior season or probably the last game of my senior season, but I talked to my mom about injuries," he explained.  "I don't want to get injured and have all these scholarships back off.  It might come during the summer or it might come after the season."

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