Hard-Hitting FL DB High on the Maize & Blue

Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian Academy DB Rashad Knight has seen his recruitment picking up steam in recent weeks, and Michigan has been one of the teams in hot pursuit. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster recently to discuss his game, his leaderboard, his decision timetable, and much much more. Is Michigan the frontrunner?

Sam Webb:  Did Michigan make it by your school this week?

Rashad Knight:  "Oh yes sir… Coach Rod Smith came (Wednesday)."

Sam Webb:  When did the Michigan offer come down for you?

Rashad Knight:  "They offered me, I want to say last week."

Sam Webb:  Before Michigan offered you had they been showing much interest in you or did they sort of come out of blue?

Rashad Knight:  "They sent numerous letters and a couple of handwriting letters and I guess they had talked to my coach."

Sam Webb:  What are they saying to you about how you fit into their plans? 

Rashad Knight:  "They are talking about me playing early because of how thin they are in the defensive backfield.  They said I could play early."

Sam Webb:  Give me a scouting report on your game.

Rashad Knight:  "A scout watching me play would recognize that I'm a physical player and also that I have good foot work.  I'm well coached.  I'm just smart.  I'm a smart ball player that can recognize routes and different plays."

Sam Webb:  So you're one of those corners who like to come up in run support then?

Rashad Knight:  "Right, right."

Sam Webb:  What schools have you offered you so far?

Rashad Knight:  "Michigan, Louisville, Syracuse, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, and BYU."

Sam Webb:  You mentioned a lot of northern schools man.  What is up with the Florida schools?

Rashad Knight:  "A coach from Florida came by to talk to me.  He emailed me recently.  He trying to get me up to his camp and also Mickey Andrews from Florida State said that he really liked my film and he wants me to come up to his camp.  He said come up to the camp and they would most likely offer me from there."

Sam Webb:  If the Florida schools offer you, would you give them an edge because they close to home?

Rashad Knight:  "No."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  What are your parents saying about the idea of you going far away to school?

Rashad Knight:  "My dad is down for whatever I'm comfortable with, but of course my mom, she wants me to go to Florida, right here; she doesn't want me to leave."

Sam Webb:  How are you feeling about the whole thing?

Rashad Knight:  "I'm kind of all for whichever school fits me best, whether that is getting away from home or whether that is right down the street.  I just want where I fit and feel comfortable."

Sam Webb: What are going to be the most significant factors in your decision?

Rashad Knight:  "All of the schools I'm real serious about, I'm going to go visit… so I'll look at how I felt in the atmosphere at the school and also how I feel about the coaches, the relationship that I have with them.  Also, probably how early I could play."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you would like to make your decision?

Rashad Knight:  "No, no."

Sam Webb:  What about these visits?  Do you plan on taking some unofficial visits or waiting until the fall to take officials?

Rashad Knight:  "I'm going to take a couple of unofficial visits.  My coach Guss Scott, he played for Florida, and he was talking about me and a couple other prospects from my school going on a road trip and then after that taking my official visits."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you are going to make it up to Michigan for a visit?

Rashad Knight:  "Definitely."

Sam Webb:  What do you think about the Wolverines?  Where do they fit on your list?

Rashad Knight:  "Right now, Michigan probably holds the top spot."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan made you put it in the top spot?

Rashad Knight:  "I've never been a big fan of Michigan, but I've always known who Michigan was.  Growing up I knew who they were.  Some teams, I had no clue who they were.  I already knew who Michigan was.  They're never really a bad team and they're always competing.  Plus Desmond Howard is one of my favorite players.  I know he played up there.  Plus they have Rich (Rodriguez) and he recruits a lot of people from down south, which also caught my interest."

Sam Webb:  Do you know any of the guys that that Michigan landed from Florida?

Rashad Knight:  "Actually, I went to a Nike Camp about two weeks ago and I seen Marvin Robinson there and I've talked to Ricardo Miller on Facebook for a good minute."

Sam Webb:  He has been talking to you about Michigan?

Rashad Knight:  "Yeah.  He said they told him that they liked my film and all that.  I asked him about did he ever think of going anywhere else and he said no.  He is 100% locked in."

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