Gene Blog: Recruiting Fact or Fiction?

With speculation and rumors running rampant on the message boards of GBW, we figured this would be a good time to separate the truth from the untruth. So we'll attempt to address these topics in an Q&A format.

Q: What's going on with Jeff Luc, is Michigan still involved?

A: Jeff is taking things slowly with regards to his recruitment. He doesn't have anything revealing to say, which is why you don't hear from him too much. As far as the Wolverines are concerned, there is definite interest there. Despite what many think, Jeff has no problem leaving the state of Florida. He really wanted to be in Ann Arbor for the U-M spring game, but it just didn't work out. As of right now, I think Michigan is definitely in the conversation for one of his official visits.

Q: How good is Cullen Christian? Is he really a 3 star?

A: The Penn Hills star is very good, and Michigan fans should be thrilled if he commits the Maize and Blue. I've seen the rankings, and I disagree with his. I've had a few chances to see him on the circuit this spring, and I was very impressed with Cullen's performances. He has great cover skills, to go along with excellent size for the cornerback position. He could make the move to safety without a problem, but I'd have a hard time moving him if he chooses Michigan, especially when they've been lacking a player with his talent for a long time at the cornerback position. IMO, he should be a high 4 star.

And two that aren't really "fact or fiction" … but informed opinion.

Q: Will Michigan land any good linebackers that are highly rated?

A: They've offered several highly rated kids at the linebacker position. While Michigan is no longer being considered by Dakota Royer, they recently got involved with Khairi Fortt. Khairi and his father have always been interested in Michigan, and a July visit to Ann Arbor will tell us exactly how strong he feels. Right now, Penn State may be his leader. The Wolverines are also heavily involved with Marcus Rush, Kenny Wilkins, Zachary Allen, Tony Jefferson, Corey Nelson, Justin Maclin, and Javarie Johnson. I'd expect the Wolverines to land at least two prospects from that list. Don't rule them out of the Nick Forbes sweepstakes if an offer is presented soon.

Q: Who will be the quarterback to join Devin Gardner in this class?

A: While the Wolverines have put a number of offers out there to other quarterbacks, I think they will be very selective in accepting commitments. With Devin already in the fold, I think some of these quarterbacks will be slow-played, especially if they coaches feel they can get a guy closer to the top of their board. So it may be awhile before we know who will join Devin Gardner. I think Barry Brunetti could be a sleeper pick if offered.

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