Christian Pace talks Michigan, others

GoBlueWolverine recently spoke with Avon Lake (OH) offensive lineman Christian Pace. The big man said he'd like to be a strength coach one day. Could he see himself getting Barwised in the near future?

At 6-3 ½ and 270 pounds, Avon Lake Ohio's Christian Pace isn't the biggest offensive lineman Michigan is tracking, but his 5.2 forty speed make him one of the fastest. His high school team employs a run-first (and second…and third) scheme, but Pace is open to being in a system that utilizes his speed.

"My team, we run the ball," he told GoBlueWolverine. "We come right at you, so my learning curve wouldn't take that long in a straight I-form pound it up the middle team … but I wouldn't mind being in a spread. I can run a little bit.

"At Michigan, because they're trying to get the more athletic kids, I wouldn't have to put on a whole lot more weight; whereas at a place like Michigan State, that would be a school where I'd have to be like 300."

Pace is entertaining scholarship offers from all over the Big Ten (Michigan, Northwestern, Michigan State, Illinois, Indiana) and the nation (NC State, Pittsburgh, Louisville), and he has yet to narrow his search.

"Everyone's going to get a fair look. I want to go to a place that I feel most comfortable with. So, whether that's all the way in California, or if it's in Oregon, or even if it's right here in Ohio … as long as I'm comfortable, the conference won't matter," Pace said.

Pace's teammate, tight end Dan Schneider, is being heavily recruited as well. Though they are pushing each other in the weight room, he said their decisions will be completely independent of each other.

"We workout together, we push each other in the weight room and when we go running or anything," Pace said. "We're both going to go where we feel is right for us. It'd be a plus if we ended up at the same school, but I know it won't be a deciding factor."

Pace's 3.3 GPA and ACT score of 25 are a testament to the fact that he's as serious about academics as he is football, making some of the offers flattering in more ways than one.

"Some of those schools are the best schools, not only in the country, but in the world. So that makes it really great," said Pace. As a future career, he is interested in being a strength coach. Does that make Michigan, home of highly touted Mike Barwis, a front-runner?

"I've heard of him, but I couldn't talk to him when I was up there last," said Pace who was in Ann Arbor for the spring game. "I'm coming up for another visit and I'll speak with him then. Coach (Bruce) Tall, the coach that's recruiting my area, said he's great, that all his former players come back and train with him, and those players who go to the NFL stay and train with him. So that's a plus."

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