Michigan Rolls Out Red Carpet for Zeigler

The Michigan Wolverines pulled out all of the stops while hosting Mt. Pleasant (MI) SG Trey Zeigler and his family yesterday. Coaches and players combined their efforts to reiterate to the talented youngster how he could thrive in the Maize & Blue and help them continue to. After the visit Zeigler contacted GoBlueWolverine to recap the day. Did the message hit home?

Sam Webb:  Sounds like you had a very long day.  Now that you've had a chance to unwind a bit, tell me about the visit.

Trey Zeigler:  "It was a great visit.  We went over a lot of things. I got to see the campus again.  Actually it was my mom's first time being up there, so that was a big thing, letting her see everything.  We were just taking everything in. They were letting me know how they felt… how they really want me to be a part of the family, things like that.  Manny (Harris) and Peedi (DeShawn Sims) were giving me tips about the campus and stuff like that – it was nice."

Sam Webb:  You said it was mostly just the same stuff.  Was there anything at all different? This time around asking you when you were going to make a decision, a timetable or anything like that?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah we definitely sat down and talked about those things.  It was me, my dad, and my mom, and the coaching staff.  Laval Lucas-Perry was in there with us too.  We sat down and talked about it.  At this point, we know I'm getting closer to a decision in the fall.  Everybody sounded good with that.  I felt they understood where we coming from."

Sam Webb:  In the past I talked to your dad a lot about the process and these visits.  How do you think your mom liked it today?  I don't know how many visits she has been on with you, but what do you think it meant for her?

Trey Zeigler:  "It meant a lot.  This was her first visit with me, so it meant a lot for her.  She had a lot of fun.  She liked a lot of things.  I think she was more impressed by the academics more than anything, but she really enjoyed the trip."

Sam Webb: I Michigan had Ray (McCallum) and his family up there last Friday.  Did you talk to the coaches about him?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah.  I talked to Coach Jackson a little bit.  They told me they had a little different visit, because that was Ray's first time being up there.  They did it a little bit different.  Ray told me that he really enjoyed his and I had a lot of fun today."

Sam Webb:  Obviously you guys really talk a lot about playing together.  How much of an option do you think Michigan is for Ray?

Trey Zeigler:  "I think it is a big option.  It's a chance to stay close to home… to get to play in front of his family… and playing at the highest level.  It's a good opportunity for him.  He told me that Michigan is definitely a school that he is looking at.  I know that he is definitely looking at them.  I know they took Darrius (Morris), which is another point guard, but hopefully that doesn't play a factor into his decision."

Sam Webb:  Talk about the new offer you picked recently, UCLA?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah, yeah.  I talked to their staff for a long time actually a couple of weeks ago.  They're a great group of guys.  They treat me as if I'm their son really because they feel as if I already know everything about the school and things like that.  I'm not going to see it again probably.  I like them, but still other things are going to play a factor and I definitely want to take my visits this fall to see everything."

Sam Webb:  What schools at this point do you think you're going to visit?

Trey Zeigler:  "At this point I haven't really made commitments to all my visits, but I have told certain schools that I will take the time and go see them.  I have to tell guys if it is going to be official or unofficial; Minnesota, Arizona, Arizona State, LSU were schools that I told I was going to go see them.  At one point, I'm probably going to see those schools."

Sam Webb:  Lets get back to talking about Michigan for a moment.  I imagine at the beginning of the process you had a lot of questions about the Wolverines.  Now that you've been up there and spoken to the coaches numerous times, what if any questions do you have left?

Trey Zeigler:  "The questions that I really had have all been answered… whether it was how are they were going to progress if they were going to win.  I think all those have been answered.  Those were my biggest questions… how Coach Beilein's system is going to work here and things like that.  They all have been answered.  He has it rolling and I think it is going forward.  Especially with the way Manny and Peedi were talking today and even Laval; they are in love with Coach Beilein and his system.  They are all for it.  I know they are going in the right direction."

Sam Webb:  At this point, you've got a lot of schools on your list, I ‘m not going to ask you for a top five because I know what your answer is going to be.  But just focusing on Michigan, where would you say the Wolverines stand with you at this point? 

Trey Zeigler:  "I definitely think that Michigan is near the top of my list.  Look at some other schools and go see some other teams. I haven't been anywhere this spring.  Michigan is definitely near the top.  It is a great opportunity to play near home, be in front of my family and things like that.  They're definitely near the top." 

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Zeigler in the coming weeks.

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