The right opportunity for Latwan Anderson?

Ohio DB Latwan Anderson has transferred high schools and is looking at offers from many colleges. Is he looking for the right offer or the right opportunity?

This recruiting season players all over the country seem to say I am looking for the right opportunity and situation for me. That is where Latwan Anderson is finding himself in as he ponders his future. He has already found the right situation for high school since he just transferred from Cleveland St. Edwards to the Glenville Academic Campus.

"I like it here I am adjusting well to my new school," he told GoBlueWolverine.

 Latwan has quite a few colleges that want his services and have extended an offer to him. Michigan is one of those colleges ... and it is clear he has an interest in them.

"Michigan is a school that I am interested in, definitely. Coach Tall came to see me last week, and I talked to him the night before so he could let me know he was coming up."

Anderson feels there is opportunity at Michigan; he just needs to know more about them.

"I am going to be coming to Michigan's football camp. I want to get to know the players and I want to get to know the coaches. Coach Tall has talked about me about being used both on offense and defense; I have no problem with that at all."

There are other colleges that like what they see in Anderson as well.

"Syracuse, N.C. State, Iowa, and North Carolina. North Carolina wants me to come to their camp and they are asking for my transcript."

There also is another school that he is very interested in ... and just maybe could end up being the right opportunity and the right offer at the same time?

"I like Ohio State. I went to visit, and it was nice the way the players sat around and talked. The coaches want me to come up to their camp so they can see more of me."

Have the Buckeyes offered him? "No, they have not offered me yet."

Latwan is clearly looking for an offer from the Buckeyes ... he has been up to Ohio State and he knows the players well. Only time will tell if the Bucks offer him.

For now he tells us: "I am wide open, and distance is not a factor for me. I will be looking at depth charts and coaches' job security."

And, most of all, he says: "I just want to be able to get on the field early and play."

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