Corvin Lamb on the latest - good and bad

The Wolverines have been in good position to the land the Florida speedster. Unfortunately, Lamb recently suffered a major setback last week. GBW has the latest … including Lamb's comment as well on an OL teammate …

GoBlueWolverine talked to CB/slot Corvin Lamb (5-9, 190, 4.3) from Miami Northwestern about the latest.

Q: How's everything been going since we last talked (click here for the April GBW interview with Lamb)?

Lamb: "Good; I'm just trying to heal up."

Q: What exactly is the injury?

Lamb: "I broke my fibula."

Q: What happened?

Lamb: "I scored on the first play of practice, then a few plays later, somebody cut me low and broke the bone."

Q: Best of luck with your recovery.

Lamb: "Thanks."

Q: Have you heard from any schools since the injury?

Lamb: "None of the schools have said anything yet, but when they come to the school they'll probably have some questions."

Q: How's recruiting been going for you?

Lamb: "Louisville was the latest to offer me."

Q: Do you still have high interest in Michigan?

Lamb: "Yes sir."

Q: You know Torrian Wilson made a visit to Michigan; has he talked to you about it?

Lamb: "Yeah, he's been wearing his Michigan gear everyday."

Q: "He's made it clear that he would like to commit before the season, does the same go for you?

Lamb: "No, I want to commit on Signing Day."

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