Christian Jones has Seminal Decision to Make

Four-star LB Christian Jones grew up rooting for FSU and his dad and brother both played for the Seminoles. One would assume he'd follow in their footsteps, but the possibility of playing at the Big House has him thinking …

Christian Jones' pedigree makes the recruiting process almost seem like an exercise in futility. Christian's brother, Willie Jones Jr., and his father, Willie Jones, Sr., both played at Florida State, and so the linebacker out of Winter Park (FL) Lake Howell naturally grew up a huge Seminole fan. So why would any other schools waste its time recruiting him. The legacy-recruit may as well get fitted for his gold helmet under threat of being disowned, right?

Not so fast.

"That's probably what you would think, but they both really don't mention too much about it," said Jones. "It's basically my decision. Of course they're going to help me out tell me where I can fit at, but they really don't bug me about it. My dad is actually the one who told me I want to keep my options open. They don't get in my ear that much about the Florida State thing."

Michigan is one of the other schools Jones is considering. Wolverine coach Rod Smith recently visited Lake Howell to discuss how Jones would be spending his college days in Ann Arbor if he so chose.

"(Smith) talked about me playing outside linebacker on first and second down and on third and long situations I'd put my hand on the ground and rush the passer," said Jones. The spring evaluation visits are ‘non contact' of course, but Christian added, "He seems like a real good guy."

The 6-4, 220 lb. linebacker is still in the early stages of sorting out his recruitment, but Michigan is on his mind.

"I haven't really put together a list, but if I did, (Michigan) would definitely be up there. They have that stadium that I'm pretty sure every player would love to play in," said Jones. "That just makes you play harder because you don't want to mess up in front of 100,000 people. That's something I'd love to do."

Jones is undecided as to whether or not he will attend a Michigan-run camp this summer. He and his father, however, do plan on visiting the University sometime in the near future.

While Florida State may seem the obvious choice for Jones, he made it clear that he'll go anywhere if the feel is right.

"Leaving the state wouldn't be a problem for me, or cold weather," he said. "As long as I'm playing football, I'll be straight."

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