Michigan Making its Mark on Clay (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's interview San Diego (CA) Scripps Ranch RB Brennan Clay, the talented youngster discusses the role distance will play in his decision, how much Tate Forcier's presence at Michigan will help their cause, his planned official visit to Ann Arbor, and more.

*For those that missed part one of the interview, click here.

Sam Webb:  Clearly there is a who's who of schools out there on the West Coast recruiting you.  How big of a factor is distance from home going to be for you?

Brennan Clay:  "I've spoken numerous with my aunty and uncle and right now, honestly, I would say distance is not a factor.  I'm going to school for education and obviously to play football.  Football is football no matter where you are.  It might be cold, it might be hot in some places, but if you're going to play football, it's a sport that you have to love.  I'm going there to get a good education like I said before, and (distance) is just something that you to take into consideration.  But I'm open to (going away to school.  It's just an experience that… I kind of want to get away from San Diego to be honest.  It is a beautiful place but you want to experience other places as well.  That's how I look at it."

Sam Webb:  Understood.  What about this… obviously you and Tate are really, really good friends.  Is that going to play a role in your decision or are you separating that altogether from your decision making process?

Brennan Clay:  "So many people ask that… it's going to be hard to block that out.  You sit there and that's one of my best friends, you're obviously going to miss playing with him – I do.  I do keep that into consideration, but that's something that I'm going to have to try to block out in making my final decision.  The University of Michigan… is that the best fit for me?  It can't be the best fit just because I want to go there because my friend is there.  That's not how I'm trying to pick and choose my school.   The school, when I visit there, if it is what it appears to be and what has been talked about, there is no argument… they are going to be in the top choices by far."

Sam Webb:  When you narrow down your list, how many are you going to narrow it down to and when do you plan on doing that?

Brennan Clay:  "At the end of spring ball, end of June I would say, I am going to narrow it down to eight to 10 schools, and I'm going to leave it at that.  Some schools are starting recruitment late, they might be too out of it.  If they got some things to offer, I might be able to throw them in the mix, but I'll be set by the end of June."

Sam Webb:  So do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make a final decision or have you even thought about that yet?

Brennan Clay:  "Right now, I haven't been thinking about it at all.  Right now, I am focusing on making a decision on what places I want to visit on unofficials or where I am considering taking officials.  That's where I'm at right now."

Sam Webb:  Do you plan on making Michigan an unofficial visit or an official visit?

Brennan Clay:  "As of right now they are officially an official visit.  I'll be up there September 17th through the 19th (the weekend of the Eastern Michigan game), I believe.  That is already set up and on the books."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Tate's presence and your relationship with Rod Smith, is there anything else that that you really like about Michigan?

Brennan Clay:  "Right now, I'm obviously looking at the depth chart and the depth chart sounds so sweet right now.  They have three senior running backs leaving.  I feel that the program is going to be on the rise.  They just need the pieces to get them back on the road.  I feel like I can be a contribution to the team coming back and making them have success again and going back to bowl games.  That's what I want to do.  I want to come in and win games and win championships."

Sam Webb:  How often would you say Tate calls in and gives you a little Maize and Blue sales pitch?

Brennan Clay:  "You know he doesn't do it that often.  We speak on the phone maybe once every week or so.  Just see how each other doing, stay in touch.  Obviously, he talks about them.  He loves it out there.  He just says that just because he knows me as a person, he says I would love it out there.  I take his word for it and I just can't wait for that official visit out there to see for myself."

Sam Webb:  Obviously Michigan is recruiting you hard.  I'm not asking you for your favorites… I just want to know who else on your list is on you as hard as the Wolverines.

Brennan Clay:  "I would say Oklahoma, Washington, Georgia, Cal, Stanford, Arizona State, Oregon…there is a lot of them.  BYU has come in hard.  Notre Dame has been recruiting hard.  Just across the board, it is crazy right now.  I'm just taking it all in."

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