Rodriguez Sealed the Deal with Paskorz

From the day he received his scholarship offer from the University of Michigan, Allison Park, (PA) Hampton DE Jordan Paskorz had a soft place in his heart for the Maize & Blue. Increased interest from other schools and other notable offers just couldn't get him to shake that feeling. Today during an unofficial visit he saw everything he needed to see in order to go ahead and follow heart.

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"I told (his parents) that if everything went well, I probably would commit," Paskorz admitted.  So they weren't totally caught off guard -- but for some reason they didn't expect me to do it right there (laughing).  The first time that I visited, ‘I was like wow, this is definitely going to be a possibility.  Then talking to Coach Rod basically sealed the deal.'"

The chance to have an in depth chat with Rodriguez, lead recruiter Tony Gibson, and the rest of the coaching staff was the primary reason why Paskorz decided not to wait until Saturday's Barbecue at the Big House to make the trip to Ann Arbor.

"There are going to be so many recruits at the barbecue that it is really good for me to get personal time since I had not met Coach Rod yet," he explained.  "That was my first time meeting him.  We are going to go home and then come back for the Barbecue (Saturday).  It is only like a three and a half to four hour drive, so it's not that bad."  

Paskorz' strong impression of Rodriguez is eerily similar to that which other prospects have had after spending extended time with him.  That explains why Michigan's second year headman was able to forge a quick, yet strong connection with his future pupil.

"First we saw the facilities and everything," Paskorz recalled.  "It looks like everything is getting done pretty well.  Have you seen the new indoor facility?  It is huge. We took the tour.  Then we sat down with Coach Robinson who will be my coach when I go there.  I talked to him for a while about what he has planned for me and everything, what he sees in me.  Then I talked to the academic counselor Shari Acho.  My parents basically talked to her more than I did (laughing). From there took a quick tour of the campus.  Then we sat down with Coach Rod and talked to him for maybe about an hour."  

"I actually met him before when he was at West Virginia (during his brother Steve Paskorz's recruitment).  This time it was actually for me, which was a whole different.  It was just way different.  What they say is true… he is a down to earth person and I really like that quality.  He's a good guy off the field, but he is going to be tough on the field.  I stuck around for a practice (back in the spring) so I know that.  I'd like to have somebody like that pushing me.  (The practice) was great.  I really liked it.  It was really up tempo.  They have like five minute segments and then they just jump to a new drill.  It is really competitive and they also played music in the background to try to throw the players off guard and stuff so they concentrate more."

During that practice Paskorz also got a glimpse of the position he is slated to play.  He got a better idea of what his role entails today.

"They are recruiting me for a position that they didn't have last year," he stated.  "It is the new defense.  It is the quick position.  It is a hybrid D-end/linebacker.  They said there was not much depth there, which I did not know.  That definitely triggered something.  So I was thinking maybe I could get earlier playing time, especially if they play Notre Dame and my brother plays on Notre Dame… he plays fullback.  It would be interesting to possibly play against him."

The Paskorz brothers had discussed what it would be like to be teammates, but seem to be equally looking forward to the chance to line up opposite one another.

"Notre Dame was recruiting me," Jordan said.  "There was no offer, but I had a feeling that they were going to.  They were just at the school the other day talking to me.  But some schools just don't fit you and I don't think Notre Dame was going to be one of those.  I had offers Virginia, Pitt, Michigan… basically all the MAC schools and Minnesota."

"I sent (Steve) a text to let him know it was Michigan.  He's at home right now.  He congratulated me and he said he is proud of me and happy for me. I don't really think he has anything against Michigan.  It is a great school.  It was one of his options when he was getting recruited.  That was under Lloyd Carr.  He's real happy for me.  Maybe competition will start up later (laughing)."

With his commitment in the books, Paskorz indicated recruiting is definitely behind him.

"I'm all Michigan now," he said sternly.  "I'm the not the type of person take other visits.  I'm a true commitment, you know. I'm probably just going to focus on the senior year of high school."

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