Ouimet Wraps Up Outback, Looks To Recruiting

It's interesting, almost two weeks out now, to look back at the Wolverine's Outback Bowl victory and ask the question, "Why did Michigan win?" So we posed the question to former Michigan recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet. Here is his 'take' on the victory, and his look ahead at Michigan recruiting.

It was great to see the team got 10 wins ... it's Michigan's 23rd double digit season I believe.

Why did Florida lose? Their three turnovers! They had two fumbles, and one interception.

Florida had 506 net yards, Michigan 423. Michigan averaged 5.7 yards a game, Florida averaged six. Florida also led Michigan 28-17 in first downs.

Michigan led in time of possession with 32 minutes.

Florida offensively did a good job. Michigan's defense was fortunate to get the turnovers.

The Gators and Michigan kept bouncing the lead back and forth. Michigan and John Navarre responded well. Florida came out in the second half and scored, then Michigan answered ... and Michigan kept answering.

Chris Perry played a great game, scoring four touchdowns ... he caught more passes because BJ Askew broke his hand right away. Perry proved he can catch the ball out of backfield.

Navarre was 21-36 for 319 yards, a great game for him. Joppru (80 yards) and Edwards (110 yards) had good games.

Victor Hobson got the last interception, and had 12 tackles.

Adam Finley's punting was very good. His short punt that led to a Florida touchdown was partially blocked.

But without those turnovers, it would have been hard to win. But it's a good team that keeps coming back like Michigan did.

A 10 win season leads to good things. The win definitely helps recruiting, it has helped combat some of the Ohio State hype. Michigan thought they'd get Burgess as you know, and they got him. Now they need Woodley and Crable, or at least one of them.

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