Barr's Interest in Michigan Rising

Los Angeles Loyola ATH Anthony Barr is one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the country. Sometime in the next few months he plans to narrow the list of contenders significantly. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him recently to get the latest on his recruitment and how Michigan fits into the picture.

Sam Webb: Your mom just told me that Michigan's defensive coordinator Greg Robinson is actually an alum of your high school and that he came out to see you last week?

Anthony Barr:  "Yeah he did."

Sam Webb:  Was that the first time that Michigan had been out to see you at all?

Anthony Barr:  "No they came out, I think, the week before.  The wide receiver coach came out and I spoke with him a little bit, but that is the longest I've spoken to a coach from Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Would you say they are recruiting you harder more recently or have they been on you pretty hard all the way through?

Anthony Barr:  "No just recently."

Sam Webb:  Things are obviously picking up now… but what do you already know about Michigan?  What do you like?  What do you want to find out?  

Anthony Barr:  "Rich Rodriguez came in and changed up their offense and went to more of a spread.  We sort of play that style of offense in my school.  I don't know too much other than that.  Hopefully, I can know more about the academics and the programs they have there.  Right now I don't have too much knowledge."

Sam Webb:  You've talked a lot about Notre Dame and there are obviously some big time West Coast schools on you as well.  Would you say that those are the programs that have been on you the hardest at this point?

Anthony Barr:  "Yeah definitely, Notre Dame, Southern Cal, I think those are the main schools that are recruiting me the hardest."

Sam Webb:  Where would you say Michigan stands on your list at this point?

Anthony Barr:  "I have spoken with them recently.  The interest there has been growing.  They are definitely up there.  As we go along and I learn more about the school and build relationships with the coaches that interest will grow."

Sam Webb:  Your mom said that you may not take any more unofficial visits this summer. That would mean that you would probably narrow things down by the start of your season ... and you had a five to seven that you are sort of looking at right now.  Is that accurate at this point?

Anthony Barr:  "Yeah.  I'm hoping to get that list down before my season starts so I can focus on my season and then once my season ends have my final decision."

Sam Webb: Have they specified to you at all what position they are looking at you for or positions that they are looking at you for?

Anthony Barr:  "No they haven't.  I know when coach came out the other day, he was impressed with what he saw when I was a running back, but as far as position, he didn't really specify where they'd put me if I were to go there."

Sam Webb:  Obviously watching your film, you do your thing on both sides of the ball.  Do you have a personal preference for what you do on the next level?

Anthony Barr:  "I enjoy having the ball in my hands.  I think I'm a big time player when it comes to that, make plays and make things happen.  But if that's not where they see me and they think I can make a bigger impact on the other side of the ball then I'm all for that.  Wherever I can play, I just want to play."

Sam Webb:  If you were a scout watching Anthony Barr in the stands, how would you describe his game?

Anthony Barr:  "He has great feet, great vision. He needs to run lower, but there is always room for improvement.  You haven't seen him play defense as much, but I think this upcoming year if you're able to watch him you'll be impressed."

Sam Webb:  As you get ready to narrow things down and you get ready to make your decision, whenever that is; what are going to be the most significant factors in that final choice?

Anthony Barr:  "Academics; a place that is going to challenge me as a players; a place that is going to help me grow as a player and a person; and a place that will get me ready for the next level, the NFL."


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