Announcement Nears for Wilkins

Pennsylvania OLB/DE Kenny Wilkins was one of the more prominent recruits on hand Saturday for the Barbeque at the Big House. After waking up in Ann Arbor this morning, Wilkins found himself heading home tonight with a lot to think about. Is a decision coming soon? ***8PM ADDENDUM***

GBW: Tell me about your visit to Michigan with your coach for the Big House Barbeque event.

Kenny Wilkins: "Well, we got there early before the other recruits arrived, we were greeted by coach Rodriquez, and coach Barwis. After that, we went on an academic tour."

GBW: How did your meeting with Rich Rodriquez go?

Wilkins: "I went great. Coach Gibson has always been the person I talked too, so I was excited to finally meet him. He's really cool, and a down to earth person. I sat with him and coach Gibson at the barbeque."

GBW: It's clear that the coaches think very highly of you, as you seem to be a priority recruit for them. Did coach Rodriquez saying anything about playing time, or say anything more about what position you would play?

Wilkins: "They really like my flex ability, and they talked about how I could be a different kind of defensive end. Coach Rodriguez didn't promise me any playing time, but he told me that it's there. So I would have a chance to play my first year if I went to Michigan."

GBW: You mentioned Mike Barwis earlier; did he show anything that he does?

Wilkins: "Yeah -- he was great! Coach Barwis showed me some of the workouts that his players do. He does things differently, but he's like the best strength and conditioner coach in college football. He actually had me do a few of workouts with a medicine ball. At one point, he asked all of the recruits if they could do push-ups with one hand, and with their fingers. Nobody could, then all of a sudden, he did it like six times. It was crazy! Especially with him just having surgery a few weeks ago because of a torn labrum."

GBW: It seems like you had a great time, and that Michigan has put its best foot forward. Do you have any plans, or a timeline for a decision?

Wilkins: "I have a top five of: Michigan, Pittsburgh, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland." As far as what to do next, he said, " I plan to talk it over with my family."

So while there might be a decision coming from Wilkins soon, he also said:

"I might visit some other schools."

Sunday Night Addedum:

GoBlueWolverine received a phone call from Wilkins after the initial interview.

GBW: What's up? Do you have news on an announcement date?

Wilkins: "I'll have a presser either this Wednesday or next Wednesday. I'm not sure yet. As soon as I know, I'll let you know."


GBW will have more on Kenny Wilkins in the comings days and weeks.

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