Amaker and Players Discuss Victory Over PSU

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker, Bernard Robinson Jr., Daniel Horton, and Chris Hunter discuss the victory over Penn State in a post game press conference. Penn State Head Coach Jerry Dunn also provides comments on the game.

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game against Penn State:

"I thought there were opportunities for both teams. We had the lead throughout the game but both teams had their chances. The difference was whether we had Daniel Horton on floor. Without him we have to mix and match and that's hard with our lineup. When he picked up his fourth foul that changed the game. LaVell Blanchard's three, our only three-pointer, was big. Our ability to get to the line was tremendous although our conversion wasn't that good. I'm very happy to be 2-0 and certainly we're a tired team and we could use some rest. I think that was evident."

On having the lead cut to five points late in the game:

"A lot of teams would have fallen into deeper trouble when our lead was cut. We were emotionally drained coming in after the Wisconsin win. Penn State really gave us a good game. I was worried about being flat when we needed to be excited. We turned it on when we needed and pulled it out."

On Daniel Horton's wrist:

"I'm very concerned. It hinders his ability to practice. That's one of the biggest reasons he's played the way he has. He's put in the extra work in practice. He's not at 100 percent and we need everyone at 100 percent for this time right now. I'd like him to play 32-35 minutes a game so that he can get some rest each game."

On U-M's 37-8 advantage in free throw attempts:

"I thought we shot poorly at the line but I felt we did a heck of a job getting to there and I'd like to continue doing that."

On Chris Hunter:

"Chris played a very solid game. Other than defensive rebounds and blocking out, he certainly did a better job of getting the ball around the rim and finishing. He was very adamant about doing that coming in."

On what it will take to beat Ohio State on the road:

"You have to play extremely well in this conference. It's hard to win on the road in this league. It's certainly a very difficult task. We have to be rested, healthy and prepared, and we have to play well in order to get a victory there."

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On spreading the ball around on offense:

"We're always trying to make the extra pass and we did today."

On Michigan's three-point struggles:

"The three-point shot has been a big part of our offense and we weren't hitting them today. But we did hit one when Penn State was fighting back. LaVell (Blanchard) hit that one shot and it really sparked us."

On what the team needs to work on:

"We need to play a lot more efficient and not have as many turnovers. We have to do everything right."

Daniel Horton

On the condition of his wrist:

"I just fell on it, but it's been hurting me since the San Francisco game."

On the game:

"We concentrated on good ball movement and getting good shots. We got good shots; we just weren't knocking them down. We struggled a bit from the free throw line and the field. You have to give some credit to Penn State for playing a good defensive game."

Chris Hunter

On the offense concentrating on the post:

"We tried to get them into foul trouble so that we could get to the line. The only way you can do that is to penetrate and go to the basket."

On what it will take to continue the winning streak:

"We need to continue to have hunger and play harder than everybody we face. Today we had sluggish start and we made some careless mistakes. If we clean those up and have a good start, we can do a lot of things in the Big Ten."

Penn State Head Coach Jerry Dunn

On Michigan turning things around:

"I think they've done an outstanding job. Tommy (Amaker) has done an excellent job of getting the guys to play with confidence and the bottom line is that they have two guys that are stepping up and making plays. That's what this game is all about. You have to have your big players stepping up and making those plays when you need them. LaVell Blanchard, Daniel Horton and Bernard Robinson Jr. are all making big plays. They have a few guys inside who are stepping up too."

On Michigan's defense:

"We just didn't make shots. I thought we had some good looks at the basket. Michigan played good defense but I thought we got good shots and we just didn't put the ball in the hole. You have to put the ball in the basket if you want to win. We executed the game plan that we talked about but when you don't make shots and you don't get to the free throw line it's tough to beat people at home or on the road."

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