White Gets Different Feel for Michigan

Livonia Stevenson tailback Austin White has been a frequent guest in Ann Arbor for almost a year now, but the Barbecue at the Big House may have given him the most favorable view of the Wolverines yet.

Sam Webb:  You've been to Michigan's campus a number of times now.  Was there anything different about it this time?

Austin White "Yeah, it was different.  I mean, I always have a good time there, but it wasn't like a regular recruiting visit.  It wasn't like a BBQ to solely get recruits (to campus) to recruit them in and up there.  It was a little bit like that, but it was more of a family type BBQ, everyone was just there hanging out, talking to people and have a good time.  They showed us a couple of things … they recruited a little bit, but it was mostly just talking and having a good time and sitting back.  That's what I liked a lot about it."

Sam Webb:  You'd been on tours of the campus already.  Did you do any of that this time?

Austin White:  "It was mostly sitting around talking to recruits and coaches.  Some people who hadn't seen the weight room and stuff like that, they got a chance to go see that stuff.  The other people could just sit around and play a little bit of video games with each other, so it was cool.  After that we walked around to the Champions Center and went in there and watched a highlight film and Coach Rod spoke to everyone, and that is when we kind of just hung out and got a chance to talk."

Sam Webb:  You said you really spent some time with some of the recruits there; who were you hanging with the most?

Austin White:  "Well Kyle Prater ended up being there and Jeremy (Jackson) and Devin (Gardner); those are the four main people I was with.  I was also with Ishamel Thomas from Renaissance, we walked in together.  Those were the main people I was with, talking to."

Sam Webb:  Did you know Kyle Prater before this visit?

Austin White:  "We didn't really know each other, but I think we know of each other because I've been so many places where he's been at, at the same time.  His face was familiar.  It's not like I talk to him as much as I talk to Devin and Jeremy.  It is the saying, ‘Hey, what's up' and ‘How you doing'." 

Sam Webb:  It clearly was a relaxed atmosphere and relaxed vibe with the coaches, but what about those guys that were committed like Devin and Jeremy.  Were they not putting the sales pitch on you either?

Austin White:  "They were were pretty relaxed, but they did give me a little hard time because I'm not committed yet or anything like that (laughing).  It's all in good fun.  Those guys understand the type of pressure it is and everything like that."

Sam Webb:  With your process, you've been pretty consistent about going down South to take some visits.  Have you got a chance to set that tour up yet?

Austin White:  "I think so.  I know for a fact we are going to go down to LSU because we have a family reunion in Houston.  We are probably going to go down to Louisiana first and head that way to Houston, but I'm not really sure about the other schools just yet."

Sam Webb:  What are the other schools in the South?  I know you said something about Florida State.  Are there any others down south that sort of stick out to you right now?

Austin White:  "Yes, actually Georgia was one that has been hanging there for a long time now.  I definitely want to talk to those coaches and hopefully get a chance to catch up with those coaches. Maybe Arkansas …. it really depends on what my parents say about how that all fits into my schedule."

Sam Webb:  So tell me this, if you can't make it to all of those schools, might you go ahead and take them as official visits once the season rolls around?

Austin White:  "It's possible.  I don't see why it wouldn't be.  It really depends on how comfortable I feel.  I could go out and see these places and see that maybe that is not the fit for me and maybe I can make a decision and that would be the end of it, but I won't know until these things happen.  It's good to take some time."

Sam Webb:  I know in a couple of weeks Michigan State and Michigan have their camps in the upcoming weeks.  Are you going to be attending either of those?

Austin White:  "Yeah, I'm going to be at both."

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