Is Michigan Steaming Ahead for John Fulton?

South Carolina native and Manning High Football prospect John Fulton will be graduating in December and so he will soon have to choose a college to attend. Where do the Wolverines stand for the talented cornerback? You may be surprised.

The list of schools that are recruiting Johnavon Fulton is fairly short but impressive. He has some of the top programs in the country coming after him.

"I am up to 10 offers," Fulton told GoBlueWolverine. "They are Florida, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, NC State, Clemson, North Carolina and South Carolina."

At this time Alabama seems to be the leader for a few reasons.

"I went to visit Alabama and I blended well with the players. Also Coach Burns, the running backs coach, used to coach some of the my current coaches."

A decision is not imminent ... and the young man also has a program he would like to get to know better.

"I am going to be coming up to Michigan in July ... and I would also like to come up to a game to see those 100,000-plus fans inside the Big House. I am interested in Michigan; they have the most victories in college football history."

John's most recent contact with the Wolverines came by way of a visit and a phone call.

"Coach Gibson came to see me last week, and we talked on the phone about how Michigan is rebuilding the program. They already have produced Charles Woodson."

When he studies film of corners, only two names come up - -and he takes something from both of their games.

"I really like Charles Woodson and Nnamdi Asomigha (Oakland Raiders corner); I like the way they use their technique and speed to cover wide receivers. Charles Woodson is my all time favorite -- he plays hard all the time and shuts people down."

John looks at Charles and Nnamdi and he understands what they have and injects what they do into how he plays on the field.

"As a cornerback you have to have a different attitude; you have to be confident in your abilities because you are out there by yourself. The best feeling in the world is getting an interception after a wideout has been talking trash. There is nothing for him to say because you just shut him up."

John will be making a decision fairly soon, and he has an idea of what he is looking for in a college.

"I am looking for a college with a good sports/communication program. I would like to be an announcer or commentator on ESPN. With football I just need to get on the field and work hard ... playing time will come my way if I do that."

His parents are glad for what their son has accomplished.

"My mom just loves it right now (that he's being recruited), and my dad is very happy for me. We run every morning at 5:30 and he is happy to see the hard work paying off. It is a blessing because this is what I prayed for."

Can Michigan steam past the Tide for Fulton? We'll know more in July.

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