Ouimet's Final Top 25

Former Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet's Season-Wrap-up Top 25.

Ouimet's Final Top 25

1. Ohio State – They surprised everybody with the win and the questionable call was a big help, but with that being said QB Craig Krenzel had two touchdown runs and was their leading rusher in the game with 81 yards. This also gives him my MVP of the game -- I would of never imagined it would be going to a Buckeye. Can the Buckeye's repeat next year is the biggest question of the new year.

2. Miami (Fla.) – The loss of RB Willis McGahee in the fourth quarter the Hurricanes couldn't run the ball and put that drive towards the goal line. They had that unfortunate call, but must respond regardless, but with McGahee's injury they will have him back next year.

3. Georgia – RB Musa Smith had 145 yards on the ground and it wasn't even a contest for the Bulldogs against Florida State. Georgia had their way all day and it was the Bulldogs all the way.

4. Kansas State – This is a team that only has losses to Texas and Colorado, but did beat USC which is why the have been above the Trojans all year in my poll. They beat a decent Arizona State team in the Holiday bowl game to maintain this ranking.

5. USC – With the Heisman Trophy in hand for QB Carson Palmer you can add the MVP of the Orange Bowl to is list now. The Trojans were too much of a match for the Hawkeyes and it would've been nice to have had this matchup with Georgia.

6. Oklahoma – Look for the Sooners to be atop of many polls next fall, because they have the talent to accomplish the road to the Sugar Bowl next year. The Sooners dominated Washington State and it wasn't even a match at all in the trenches.

7. Texas – QB Chris Sims closed out his career with 26 wins and with WR Roy Williams coming back next year the Longhorns might contend again. They took care of business in the Cotton bowl against LSU and have consecutive Top 10 finishes since 1977-78 seasons.

8. Iowa – This Hawkeye team should be proud of their Big Ten Championship and QB Brad Banks had a great season. This team might be the most interesting to watch next season to see how Ferentz can get this team prepared with other teams coming at them.

9. Alabama – Coach Fran is gone and Coach Price is in, so what will happen next year and what offensive changes with occur? Look for QB Croyle and WR Carter to benefit the most from this coaching change.

10. Michigan – Coach Carr did an excellent job in preparing his team for the Outback bowl game. RB Chris Perry and LB Victor Hobson did a great job in this game against the Gators. What coaching changes will occur in the offseason is the biggest question, because with Brady Hoke leaving something is going to change on this staff.

11. Washington State – This game was one to forget for Coach Price, because the Sooners had a field day with the Cougars. Where is the program headed now?

12. North Carolina State – The Wolfpack had all they could eat in the second quarter scoring 21 points on the Irish. This game was over at halftime and the Irish couldn't rebound from the bad first half.

13. Maryland – The Terps overmatched the Vols in this game, but the defense was the best part of the day for Marylan. They came to play in this game and were well prepared for the Vols by the coaching staff.

14. Boise State – Coach Bleymaier had a great year and did a good job against the Cyclones and QB Seneca Wallace with the Bowl game being at the home site. How will they respond next year is a huge question for the Broncos.

15. Auburn – This was a defensive game in the Capital Bowl game and the Tiger did a great job in putting a game plan to stop RB Larry Johnson and the Nittany Lions.

16. Penn State – The Nittany Lions could only muster three field goals against the Nittany Lions and could never get the offense on track, which resulted in the loss at the Capital bowl game.

17. Notre Dame – Over matched and over rated all year long. This is a team that over achieved and will be very interesting to watch next year.

18. Virginia Tech – It was a close one against Air Force in the San Francisco bowl game, but with a young Quarterback this is expected. I look for big things from the Hokies next year with RB Kevin Jones and QB Marcus Randall.

19. Pittsburgh – The Panthers dominated the second half of this game and destroyed Oregon State in the process at the Insight Bowl game. There are many good things to come from this program next year.

20. Florida State – Without QB Chris Rix they were challenged against the Bulldogs. This is a team that has the talent, but just couldn't put it together this year. They probably weren't the best team in the ACC, but won the right games to get to the Sugar bowl game.

21. Virginia – They put together a great game plan and this is probably one of the best coaching staffs in the country. This staff will keep improving this team every year and I expect great things from this team next year.

22. West Virginia – I think they were shocked by the outcome and how they were overmatched all day. RB Avon Cobourne closed his career with a decent game and will be interesting to see how this team responds next year with the loss of their star Running Back.

23. South Florida – They had a great year and will stay in my Top 25 with 19 straight wins at home. They didn't get a bowl bid, but that will be of importance next year.

24. Marshall – The Offense was too much for the Cardinals defense, which might have been affected with the coaches knowing that they were departing to Michigan State. The Thundering Herd were exactly that and overmatched the Cardinals.

25. Boston College – With a huge win over Toledo in the Motor City Bowl game and QB St. Pierre being able to pass for 342 yards and three touchdowns resulted in the domination of the Rockets. With losses to Miami, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia I couldn't keep them out of my Top 25.

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