Smith Again Considering Michigan

West Chester (OH) Lakota West TE Alex Smith offered his verbal commitment to the Cincinnati Bearcats back in February, but recently he began exploring other options in order to ensure that the right decision. His trip to Ann Arbor for last weekend's Barbecue at the Big House has suddenly vaulted Michigan back into contention.

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"(Michigan) really never stopped recruiting me," said Smith.  "Coach Hopson been by my school twice.  We got to the barbecue a little bit late, but we made it.  It was good meeting up with coaches and everything.   I got to meet with (Devin Gardner) and talk him about the whole thing and get his viewpoint, which was pretty neat.  I'd like to play with a big time QB."

As was the case with the other prospects in attendance, getting a firsthand account of the Big House and the numerous renovations going on around the athletic complex proved to be a memorable experience.

"You've gotta to be impressed when you see 115,000 stands," Smith stated.  "It was huge!  I was also impressed with their new indoor facility and what they're getting in there and with the new locker room they're building too.  I was also really impressed with their strength coach.  When you hear that guy talk you can just tell he knows what he is talking about."

The favorable impressions of the Michigan coaching staff didn't stop there.  Three other coaches, including, headman Rich Rodriguez, also scored high marks after offering up a great deal of personal attention to four star prospect. 

"I talked to the TE coach," Smith recalled.  "Actually (Calvin Magee) is the offensive coordinator and the tight end coach.  He said he is trying to get the tight end involved a lot more and have it more in the offense.  They said if they get more tight ends like me they'll use it a lot more."

"(Coach Rodriguez) took me and my mom to his office and we had a thirty-minute one-on-one and he gave us our own private tour.  We liked him a lot.  He is definitely a down to earth guy.  He is real fun too, but at the same time, you know he is trying to win championships."

"Also, after all of the recruits left, Coach Hopson actually took me and my mom around.  He kind of walked us around the campus.  We saw the academic building."

Needless to say the strong showing by the Wolverines bolstered their position, but the Cincinnati verbal made it clear that the Wolverines and all of his other suitors are still chasing the Bearcats.

"After seeing Michigan and seeing what they have to offer, they are definitely up there on my list," Smith said.  "It's such prestigious program and it would be a really good choice, but I'm also going to try to get around to different schools this summer.   I definitely want to check out LSU and Miami.  I want to check out North Carolina and North Carolina State.  Those are the ones I know of right now.  I'll probably go to Wisconsin too."

"I'm not too sure how (recruiting) is going to go," he continued.  "I'm just going to make sure that I'm making the right choice for me.  It's really going to come down to what I can see is a good fit for me. I want a place with good academics and some place I can make a really quick impact.  I want to have a tight end coach that I can relate to and talk to on a daily basis because that's who I'm going to be with the most the next four years."


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