Michigan Keeping an Eye on Gibson

Detroit Southeastern PF Percy Gibson visited Michigan with teammate Brandan Kearney Wednesday and came away extremely impressed. The 6-8, 235-pounder discusses his impressions of Michigan headman John Beilein, how he fits into the Wolverines' plans, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  What's going on Percy?  How you doing?

Percy Gibson:  "I'm alright."

Sam Webb:  I just wanted to first and foremost go back over your impressions of what was really your first visit at Michigan.  What did you think?

Percy Gibson:  "I loved it."

Sam Webb:  Did you have any expectations going in?

Percy Gibson:  "No not really.  I just wanted to see the campus and see what the program was about."

Sam Webb:  What did the coaching staff say to you about your game and how you might fit in?

Percy Gibson:  "They were talking about how I could convert myself to a three and do the four as well. I could stay on the floor that way."

Sam Webb:  Is that something that you had already envisioned yourself doing or is that something that you're open to now that they've talked to you about it?

Percy Gibson:  "Yeah, I actually wanted to.  That's how they got Peedi (DeShawn Sims) up there, so I want to be like that."

Sam Webb:  You had the chance to talk one on one talk with Coach Beilein.  What were your impressions of him?

Percy Gibson:  "He's a great coach.  His whole mentality about the players is wonderful.  I'd love to play for him."

Sam Webb:  Derrick Kearney (Brandan Kearney's dad) said that Michigan is going to be watching you in July.  What did they say they wanted to see in your game?

Percy Gibson:  "They want to see me get more physical with the ball and improve in that way."

Sam Webb:  Do you feel like grew over the past year.  Where do you feel that your game has gotten better?

Percy Gibson:  "My game has definitely grown.  My mid range shot has gotten a lot better.  My conditioning and everything."

Sam Webb:  Obviously Michigan is showing some interest, but who are some of the other schools that are looking at you right now?

Percy Gibson:  "Notre Dame, Detroit, Central Michigan, Michigan State… schools like that."

Sam Webb:  Any of them talking to you about potentially about making you an offer?

Percy Gibson:  "Naw not really.  I've got one from Fordham University."

Sam Webb:  Which schools do you like?  Is Michigan high on your list at this point?

Percy Gibson:  "Most definitely."

Sam Webb:  Who are the some others?

Percy Gibson:  "Michigan State, Ohio State, schools like that."

Sam Webb:  As far as your process; what are you looking to do?  Obviously you want to get some offers first but are you looking to try and make a decision early, as in this summer… or are you trying to wait until next year?

Percy Gibson:  "I'm going to just wait for the best possible time.  I'm not sure yet when that is."

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