Patrick Lucas-Perry Gets Fresh Look at UM

Another day, another talented visitor for the Michigan basketball Wolverines. The Maize & Blue hosted one of the hottest prospects in the Great Lake State yesterday, and the youngster has a name with a familiar ring to it. Flint Powers c/o 2011 PG Patrick Lucas-Perry, the younger brother of sophomore guard Laval Lucas-Perry, saw a different side of Michigan during his unofficial visit Thursday.

Sam Webb:  You were obviously already very familiar with Michigan since your brother is a plays there.  Was it a different experience for you seeing the school now as a recruit?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "Yeah, the visit was interesting.  I saw a lot of the campus that I have seen before.  Felt very welcoming.  They showed me around and I really loved what they did and what they are doing with the program."

Sam Webb:  Let's go back to your season.  You guys did what a lot people including myself thought couldn't be done by any team in this state, and that's beat Country Day.  You guys obviously knew something we didn't.

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "Well, we got to the state championship last year and it was such a parallel route… by beating Country Day my freshman year.  At the end of the season and the beginning of this season, we decided we weren't going to lose.  We had a foundation and we knew that we were going to go all the way no matter what."

Sam Webb:  That proved to be a prophetic statement.  Along the way you really turned heads with your game.  Are you starting to hear from a lot more schools now?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "Yes.  I'm hearing from a lot more schools.  I'm getting offered and a lot more schools are interested in calling my coaches, my dad and other things like that."

Sam Webb:  What schools are you hearing from the most right now?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "I just got an offer from Central MichiganSouth Florida has offered me.  Michigan, Michigan State have not yet.  Offers from Oakland and Ohio University."

Sam Webb:  For people who haven't seen you play, break down your game a little bit.  Is there a player in the college or the pros that people can say, okay that's who Patrick is like?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "I'm my own player.  It is sort of hard for me to explain.  I take you right off the dribble but at the same time, I'll come out and just pull up right in your face.  I distribute the ball whenever I need to and I hit my teammates whenever their open.  My defense, I can turn it up whenever I need it.  I'm just intense all around.  I'm never going to give up."

Sam Webb:  As far as improvements, what aspects of your game do you think that you think you need to improve upon?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "I think I just need to work on my leadership right now.  That's the biggest thing I need to work on, especially as a point guard.  That's one thing I need to do to take my game to the next level.  What I mean by leadership, by talking and taking control of the team."

Sam Webb:  Getting back to Michigan, what kind of picture did they paint for you of how you might fit into the picture for the Maize-N-Blue? 

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "They showed me that I can come in there and help them right away.  I can distribute the ball and at the same time score whenever I'm needed to score.  It's a lot different from what I've actually seen on a different side.  It was like before, I watched the games and I didn't see their offense, but now I see what kind of offense they run and how it all makes sense.  How breaking it down and how it all flows together.  I see myself fitting into the program.  I see a future.  There is a great staff and a great school altogether.  I can just see myself playing there."

Sam Webb:  Do you see a different side of Coach Beilein now?  Did he break down your game on film like he has done with other recruits?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "Yeah, he broke it down and showed me the sets they run and everything like that.  It is really good that I got to see it from that kind of perspective and that point of view."

Sam Webb:  It's still very early in your recruiting process.  Have you even begun to give any thought to what the most significant factors in your choice are going to be?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "I'm really not sure right now.  All those schools that I said, I'm really open to everything.  I haven't made my decision and I'm not even close to making it right now.  I'm just playing the field right now and I'm just focusing on what I need to do to win another state championship and learning to get better."

Sam Webb:  I hear you on that.  What about your brother?  He has obviously been through the recruiting process, he was heavily recruited.  What is he telling you about the recruiting?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "I just learned so many things that you learn from experience.  He has taught me so much.  He's showed me the ropes and everything like that.  What he has taught me is just intangibles, you can't teach it.  He showed me so many things."

Sam Webb:  Have you visited any other schools and do you have any other visits planned for the near future?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "Yes.  Last weekend, I was out at Stanford.  I visited them at their elite camp and they took me around and showed me the whole campus and it was a good experience with Coach Dawkins.  I'm not really sure about other visits.  Wake Forest wants me to come up there and check them, out and Michigan State (does too) of course. I'm really not sure (when visits are possible) with AAU."

Sam Webb:  That is exactly what I was about to ask you about… tournaments.  Is your team going to play in the Izzo Shootout; are you going to be at the Michigan Elite Camp… what places are you going to be over the next few weeks?

Patrick Lucas-Perry:  "You just named all of them.  I'm going to the Izzo Shootout (Friday) and I'm going to the (Michigan) Elite camp, I don't know what day it is.  (In AAU) I'm going to Las Vegas, Kentucky, and to Florida.  A lot of tournaments."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Patrick Lucas-Perry in the near future.

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