Intervening circumstance for Cassius McDowell

An "intervening circumstance" has changed Deerfield Beach (Fla.) speed running back Cassius McDowell's summer plans, he tells …

Cassius McDowell won't be dazzling scouts with his sub-4.5 forty speed at any camps over the summer. The Deerfield Beach (Fla.) running back -- whose former teammates, Adrian Witty and Denard Robinson, will be freshman at Michigan this year -- suffered a fibular fracture during spring practice, putting a temporary halt to his recruiting tour.

"I was running the ball and one of the D linemen, he fell on my leg and it cracked," said McDowell to GoBlueWolverine. "I had to get a cast, it comes off July 6. Right now I'm just lifting, staying off it, and trying to get stronger."

The injury was near the ankle and will not require surgery. The fibula is non-weight bearing and its fractures are, in most cases, considered relatively minor.

"Typically, there aren't major problems," said Dr. Timothy Uhl, Associate Professor in the Division of Athletic Training and Director of the Musculoskeletal Laboratory for the Department of Rehabilitation at the University of Kentucky (commonly known, of course, as the APDATDMLDR-UK).

"With a cast," Dr. Uhl said, "there should be some loss of motion and strength, but nothing proper rehab and strength training won't take care of. There's always a chance that, depending on the alignment, arthritis could develop in the long term. But, short term, the largest issue typically is regaining that confidence to cut."

Uhl said the injury is "moderately common," and that it's a rare happenstance that an athlete has trouble regaining confidence relatively quickly.

"This is four to eight weeks off compared to five to six months with a knee ligament, so the athlete typically doesn't face the same amount of trials and tribulations."

Offer update:

McDowell was recently extended scholarships offers from Wisconsin, Ole Miss and Wake Forest. He said he doesn't know much about any of the three schools and that the offers "came out of the blue." McDowell has also received offers from the Michigan, West Virginia, UConn, Florida, Florida International and South Carolina.

He said he now plans to wait until national signing day to announce his decision.

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