Drummond Enjoys First Look at Michigan

Hubbard (OH) standout Kurtis Drummond dropped in on Michigan for the first time this afternoon and came away extremely impressed. GoBlueWolverine recently caught up with the talented two-way threat to word on his post visit feelings about the Maize & Blue, his leaderboard, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Tell me about today's visit.  How was it for you?

Kurtis Drummond:  "I liked it a lot.  That was my first time up there.  They gave me a tour of the campus.  They showed me the stadium.  I met with the academic (advisor).  I met with the weight trainer.  I walked around the football facilities.  It was a pretty good time."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk more about how they want to use you if you were to go there?

Kurtis Drummond:  "Yeah.  They told me that they were going to recruit me as an athlete.  Coach Gibson has been the one recruiting me and he wants me to play safety for them.  They had the camp today, so I watched them do some of the drills that they would do.  I got to see some of the players work out.  I got to get a little bit of an idea."

Sam Webb:  Aside safety, what are the other options for you as far as position goes?

Kurtis Drummond:  "They were telling me number wise, they are thin at safety and that's why they are recruiting me more for safety, but if in my heart I wanted to play receiver then I could do that."

Sam Webb:  You said you got to meet the strength guy, Mike Barwis.  What were your impression of him?

Kurtis Drummond:  "He was different.  I liked him though.  He is very, very energetic and knows what he is doing.  They were telling me about his background and stuff and he sounds like he knows what he's doing."

Sam Webb:  You already had a really good relationship with Coach Gibson, your but recruiter, but you didn't know Coach Rodriguez as well.  Did you get a chance to spend much time with him today?

Kurtis Drummond:  "Yeah we did.  Out on the field, we got a chance to sit with him on one of those carts for at least 30 minutes.  We were just sitting there and talking, watching the camp, laughing.  It was a good time. He came off as a good guy, friendly person with a sense of humor."

Sam Webb:  If you had to single out one thing what would you say the most memorable aspect of the visit was?

Kurtis Drummond:  "The academics advisor (Shari Acho).  She is a very good. I liked her a lot.  It was just her personality.  The way she talks to people… she made me feel comfortable even though I just met her."

Sam Webb:  Did the coaches talk to you at all about making a decision?

Kurtis Drummond:  "Jokingly.  They made a couple of jokes about it."

Sam Webb:  Did you contemplate that or was never really under consideration?

Kurtis Drummond:  "Well, they are definitely my top school right now that I've visited."

Sam Webb:  What's next for you then?

Kurtis Drummond:  "I'm going to Michigan State tomorrow.  Just continue to look around a little bit and then finally make a decision."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan State, do you have any other firm (visit) plans or is just like tentative right now?

Kurtis Drummond:  "I think I am going to look at Pitt and maybe Syracuse.  Those are the two off the top of my head."

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