Lynell Hamilton Day

Coach Carr is making his in-home visit with Stockton, Calif. running back <B>Lynell Hamilton</b> today. So we hereby declare this GBW's "Lynell Hamilton Day."

Mrs. Hamilton told us, "Coach Carr will be spending Monday evening at our house." Here is everything we know that can help us try to imagine what will be going on in Stockton today.

Lynell Hamilton has visited Oregon (in the fall), Colorado and Michigan (Dec. 6 weekend). He also visited San Diego State this past weekend (there reportedly is family in San Diego), and goes to Alabama A&M (where a brother attends) on Jan. 17. After his Michigan visit Lynell told us, "I've been to Oregon, Colorado and Michigan now. Trip-wise, I gotta say Michigan was the best ... then Oregon, then Colorado."

A head coach can make one in-home (and/or in-school) visit to a recruit. Assistant coach can make several (up to seven I believe). It is common for the recruiter and/or prospective position coach of the recruit to go on the visit with the head coach. In this case, both recruiter and positon coach are Fred Jackson. So we assume Coach Jackson is probably going on the visit along as well.

Hamilton's Michigan recruiter had been Brady Hoke, and just before his Dec. 6 Michigan visit coach Hoke visited the Hamiltons in hopes of getting a pre-Christmas decision. However, the parents did not go along with this. And Coach Jackson went out and made an in-home visit just before Christmas to establish a new relationship, etc.

Hamilton's parents will be extremely influential in making this decision. Lynell has told us, "My parents will go a long way toward making my decision. They'll decide with me of course, but how they feel about a certain school will be very important." And Mr. Hamilton has told another interviewer that (paraphrased), 'Lynell is just seventeen. We will help him decide what to do.'

Lynell's parents are both high school teachers in Stockton, but not at Lynell's school (Edison). Lynell's mother has told us, "We are interested in what a school has to offer, moreso than the distance from home," and, "Lynell likes Michigan a lot -- and his dad loves Michigan." Lynell has told us, "My dad wanted to go to Michigan when he was in high school. Michigan is where he wanted to go. He went to Utah State and played ball there."

Lynell has an older brother at Alabama A&M, who reportedly plans to be a minister. Lynell's uncle in Stockton is also a minister.

How will the day go? It is common for the coaches to visit the school during the day (in this case there might be two schools, Lynell's and the parents'), and then go into the home in the evening. There is no NCAA-mandated time limit on this head-coach-visit day.

One final thing. Oregon is perceived to be the leader going into today. And Oregon RB Onterrio Smith declaring for the draft might not help.

Hamilton (Dec. 6 official visit, Stanford Nike stats: 6-0, 195 lbs., 4.25 shuttle, 28-inch vertical jump ... 4.4 in the 40, 3.0 GPA) is Tom Lemming's #124 prospect.

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