A Change of Plans for Christian?

Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills CB Cullen Christian made yet another visit to Michigan this week, further deepening his relationship with the Maize & Blue. It also gave him reason to think about his previous decision timetable. Could Scout.com's #3 CB make a decision sooner rather than later?

When Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills CB Cullen Christian first set out for the Great Lake State earlier this week, he planned to make two stops on the tour.  Stop one was to be in East Lansing and stop two was to be in Ann Arbor.  Unfortunately for the Spartans, a crossing of wires caused him to remove his Green & White visit from the itinerary.

"I was on my way up there (to Michigan State)," Christian said.  "We called three times and the coach didn't pick up the phone.  We were going to go there first.  When no one answered I just said forget it.  The coach is going to have to talk a good game to me for me to visit there now.  I think he should have picked up the phone.  I told him I was going up there last week.  I probably won't go up there now."

Michigan State's loss was certainly Michigan's gain in this instance, as the Christian family opted to spend both Wednesday and Thursday in Ann Arbor.

"I got to talk to the corner Donovan (Warren) for about half hour," recalled the talented corner.  "I had a good conversation with him.  I talked to Mike Barwis the trainer too.  He was talking about how he could get me right.  I talked to everyone really… all of the coaches.   I feel like I'm really getting tight with everyone up there now.  That's kind of what this trip was about."

From Michigan's perspective, the trip seemed to be about painting a realistic picture of where cornerback recruiting currently stands and explaining to Christian how he fit into it.

"Coach Rodriguez and Coach Gibby want me to come there bad," he stated.  "I'm first on their board, but they want to know what I want to do. They weren't pressing me to commit or anything.  They were just throwing in it here and there.  They were just saying that they want to know because they've got other people that want to sign.  If I don't make (a decision) soon and they wait on just me and I go somewhere else, then it's a lose-lose situation for them. They told me they are going to have to start picking up other corners."

Equipped now with a better appreciation of the current state of affairs from the Maize & Blue point of view, Christian is now leaning toward expediting his decision timetable.

"(Michigan saying it was going to pick up other corners) affected me a little bit," he admitted.  "Don't get me wrong… they're going to wait for me.  They're going to hold mine.  They were just letting me know that they're going to pick up some more corners."

"I'm going to commit when I'm 100% sure and have no second guessing," continued Christian.  "If I say I'm going to Michigan, then I want to go to Michigan and not think about any other schools.   I was supposed to visit Illinois and maybe Purdue.  We'll see if that happens.  I think I might make a decision before the season. I don't think I'll wait until the end anymore."

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