Punter Sadler Excels At Michigan

One of the nation's top punters just happens to reside in the Great Lakes State. With the Wolverines in need of a punter after this year, the Grand Rapids area kicker headed to Brandon Kornblue's kicking camp. Did he receive the coveted offer? GBW gets the latest.

Forest Hills Northern's Mike Sadler (6-0, 180) can lay claim to the fact that he may be one of, if not the top, punters in the nation.  Already claiming four offers, including the likes of Alabama and LSU, he headed to the second day of the two day Kornblue Kicking Camp in Ann Arbor to kick in front of the Michigan coaching staff, and with GoBlueWolverine looking on as well (click for Kicking Camp: Day 2 Punting-Competition.).

How'd it go in Sadler's mind?

"It went well," he explained to GBW.  "I was only there for the second day, as I had a prior commitment on the first day.  But I punted well.  I did have a shaky session in there, but I got right back at it, and people were impressed ... so it went well."

Part of the solid impression left was his composure in pressure situations.  The Michigan staff wasn't content with letting the kickers have free reign.  Piping loud music through a stereo system attached to a golf cart, as well as sending "defensive" rushes, they put the left-footed Sadler through his paces, and he responded.

"I loved it.  It's the most realistic kind of practice you can have.  I don't think the pressure got to me at all.  I didn't miss any of the field goals, which is great.  My punting was a bit off, and I couldn't tell you why.  Probably just a bit of inconsistencies that we worked out later. But it was great.  I loved the pressure that came with it, and I think I handled it pretty well."

While the Wolverines are definitely in need of a top punter, any offer to Sadler or anyone else is on hold for at least a week.  Sadler headed straight home after camp had concluded, as the Michigan staff is hosting a Middle School Football Camp that started immediately after the kicking camp had wrapped up.

"I actually didn't get to sit down with some of the coaches, because they had another camp they had to get to.  But what I heard from Coach Kornblue is that they're a little bit slower in offering than some other schools.  They're supposed to be sitting down next week and discussing who's going to be their punter."

"And," he added, "I'm hoping to be their guy."

Hoping to be that guy could definitely come to fruition for both Sadler and the Wolverines.  While a punter holding as many offers at this stage is usually rare, Sadler hasn't pulled the trigger yet, waiting for his home state school and leader.

"I'd be very humbled (if they offered).  In terms of taking it or not, I'd have to think about it -- but they're definitely my top choice right now. So things are looking good."

Though the Wolverines haven't offered yet, they've done enough to secure the coveted top spot in a prospects list.

"It's just the combination of football and academics, really.  I'm hoping to go into engineering in college (areospace his parents said), and Michigan has one of the top programs.  I love the coaches, and the facilities, and just everything is really nice down there."

"I could definitely see myself playing there."

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