Robinson on Michigan's Radar

Southfield (MI) WR/DB Montrel Robinson was one of the standouts at Michigan's one-day camp last week and came away having garnered increased attention from the Maize & Blue. GoBlueWolverine caught up to get the latest on his recruitment, his summer visit plans, and more.

Sam Webb:  First things first… tell me how your season went last year, take me through your stats and everything.

Montrel Robinson:  "My team went four and five.  On the offense side, I don't know the right amount of receiving yards, but I had 600+ receiving yards, I only got 20 some touches.  We not really a throwing team.  For special teams, like kick returns and punt returns, I got two touchdowns off of that and I had eight total touchdowns.  On the defensive side, I had two interceptions and I didn't really tally up my tackle like that, but I had a decent amount of tackles."

Sam Webb:  You made it up to Michigan last week for the 7-on-7 and the Elite Camp.  How did that go?

Montrel Robinson:  "Well at the elite camp, I think I did good.  There are just a couple of things I need to work on for defensive wise.  Offensive wise, I think I handled it good.  I thought I was one of the top receivers up there.  I did my drills good.  I was one of the solid ones out there.  I think I did real good."

Sam Webb:  You told me that Michigan wanted to see you on the defensive side of the ball.  Is that where they are recruiting you or is it open right now?

Montrel Robinson:  "That's what they are saying… they're saying it is more open.  I know they got a lot of receivers coming in and they wanted to see what I could do on the defensive side and see which one would work out better."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a personal preference?

Montrel Robinson:  "It really doesn't matter to me.  I know Bowling Green they are offering me for safety."

Sam Webb:  You said Bowling Green offered you; what other offers do you have at this point?

Montrel Robinson:  "Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan and Bowling Green."

Sam Webb:  Obviously you are hearing from Michigan right now; what other schools are you hearing from?

Montrel Robinson:  "Iowa said if I would have come down to the one day camp on Saturday, they could have offered me there.  If I would I have done good… I would have got offered there, but I went to Michigan camp.  Purdue and Illinois, they looking at me heavily.  I am going to Purdue tomorrow.  I am going to make it to Ohio State on Friday."

Sam Webb:  During the Michigan camp, what coaches from really spent time talking to you.  Who have you really spoken with at  Michigan so far?

Montrel Robinson:  "I talked to the wide receivers coach, Dews, and then the head coach, Rodriguez. I talked to him a couple of times.  He was just saying keep up the work.  He has heard a lot of good things about me.  He said to just keep going hard.

Sam Webb:  You obviously got tested at the camp.  What was your height, your weight and your 40 time?

Montrel Robinson:  "My height was 6' and I was 189 I believe and my 40 was a 4.55."

Sam Webb:  Are you strictly a safety or do you play some corner as well?

Montrel Robinson:  "Yeah I move back and forth, corner and safety but mainly safety.  Last year I did a lot of corner but this year I am going to stick more to the safety side."

Sam Webb:  Where did Michigan say that you stand with them right now?

Montrel Robinson:  "They said that I got a good chance right now.  They trying to evaluate me thoroughly with all the recruits.  He said don't worry about nothing right now, I still got a lot of time because they recruit all the way up to February."

Sam Webb:  Obviously you got a lot more trips to make.  Let's assume for the sake of argument you're getting ready to sit down and make your final choice, what is going to be the most significant factor when you make it?

Montrel Robinson:  "Basically how close the team is.  If I see there is a lot of chemistry around, I like that from my team a lot.  The academic field; I am more of an engineering dude, so I've got to check out that field.  Basically I want to see if my coaches are good coaches and see what the school is really about.  That's about it."

Sam Webb:  You said that you could go all the way to February, is that how the timeline for your decision is; do you want to wait until February to make your decision?

Montrel Robinson:  "More than likely I want to wait but if I get somebody who I think I really like, I'll probably try to choose before the season or during the season more."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite at this point?

Montrel Robinson:  "Not right now.  I'm still looking."

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Montrel Robinson:  "Mainly Ohio State; I'm from Ohio."

Sam Webb:  You're originally from Ohio?

Montrel Robinson:  "Yep."

Sam Webb:  When did you come up this way?

Montrel Robinson:  "My 8th grade year that was about 2002-2003."

Sam Webb:  What are the Buckeyes saying to you?

Montrel Robinson:  "They really haven't given me much love, but I figure I can go out there and do good and I can get recognized by them."

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