Hamilton In-Home Visit

Running back <B>Lynell Hamilton</b> from Stockton, Calif., Edison had his in-home visit from Coach Carr tonight (Monday evening). Did it turn him toward Michigan? Here's what Lynell told yours truly Monday night.

It was after 10 PM PST when the phone was turned on at the home of running back Lynell Hamilton (Dec. 6 official visit, Stanford Nike stats: 6-0, 195 lbs., 4.25 shuttle, 28-inch vertical jump ... 4.4 in the 40, 3.0 GPA) from Stockton, Calif., Edison. But Lynell was ready to talk a bit.

How was your in-home visit with Coach Carr?

"It was great, it was real, real good. I liked it ... I like Michigan."

How did your parents feel about things? What are they looking for? Did they get their questions satisfied?

"They are looking for the the whole picture, more than just a big-name school: early playing time, a degree, everything."

"Coach Carr answered a lot of our questions. He said I'd be playing right away as a freshman at Michigan."

"My parents feel better about Michigan now, I think they feel real, real good."

What is your timetable?

"We didn't make a decision today. This weekend I'm going to Alabama A&M. My brother is a freshman there, he plays football there."

Are Michigan and Oregon still your top two?

"Yes, Michigan and Oregon are my top two, and San Diego State is in it too."

Recently it's been reported that Oregon is your favorite. Is that true?

"Oregon was my favorite. In some ways it still is. I'm trying to find the best fit for me. Oregon is much closer to home, it's a mellow school, it has a mellow tone, there's not that much going on there. I'd be focused on my ball there. I'd say Oregon is still leading."

You told me before that your parents will make the decision for you. Is that still the case?

"It's the same way. My parents have kind've taken the decision off my hands. Yes, that's how it is right now. And they haven't decided yet."

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