Thomas Impresses Michigan Coaches

Detroit Renaissance LB Ishmael Thomas recaps his Michigan camping experience, discusses where he currently stands with the Wolverines, updates his decision timetable, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Let's go back to your camping experience at Michigan; how do you think it went for you?

Ishmael Thomas:  "I think it went good.  I talked to the coaches and they think I did real good.  I was proud of it."

Sam Webb:  Your official measurements; what was your height, your weight and 40 time?

Ishmael Thomas:  "I know I'm 205 and 6'4".  I didn't get my 40 time, so I don't really know what that is."

Sam Webb:  As far as your interaction with the coaches, which one did you spend the most time with?

Ishmael Thomas:  "I spent a lot of time with Coach Hopson.  If I am going to be going to Michigan, if that happens then I will have a good connection with the linebacker coach and the head coach, Coach Rodriguez."

Sam Webb:  Did those guys say anything to you that sort of stuck with you? What did they say to you about how you might fit into their plans, what did they say about your game, both Coach Hopson and Coach Rodriguez?

Ishmael Thomas:  "I know Coach Rodriguez told me that he has been watching me for a while and has seen me improve the small stuff, which he likes.  With Coach Hop, he really helped me with my techniques and my mechanics.  I think he helped my game as a whole."

Sam Webb:  Before you went heavy into this recruiting process did you see yourself more as an offensive player or have you always viewed yourself as a defensive player?

Ishmael Thomas:  "Actually, I just see myself as a football player because I never really had a set position until now."

Sam Webb:  What did the Michigan coaches say about how you fit into their plans?  Did they say they wanted to watch you more this summer or in the fall?  How did they say that you fit into things at this point?

Ishmael Thomas:  "The coaches were telling me that I had an opportunity to get (a scholarship), but they had to talk to Coach Robinson and watch the film and reevaluate it and then they were going to get back with me."

Sam Webb:  What schools have already offered you up until this point?

Ishmael Thomas:  "There is Iowa, Indiana, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Colorado, Toledo, Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Akron and Buffalo."

Sam Webb:  So you got a nice list there and it is building up.  What school aside from Michigan, because obviously Michigan is recruiting you heavily, what other schools out there that might not have offered but are recruiting you heavily at this point?

Ishmael Thomas:  "The other school I'd probably say is Notre Dame."

Sam Webb:  What exactly is Notre Dame saying to you right now?  Where do things stand with them at this point?

Ishmael Thomas:  "They are pretty much saying the same thing as Michigan.  They have to reevaluate what happened at camp.  Coach Weis went out of town somewhere so they are waiting until he gets back."

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan State just picked up Mylan (Hicks).  Are the Spartans showing you any more interest or attention at this point?

Ishmael Thomas:  "Mylan is in my ear.  My dad talked to the coaches and they said there has been a misunderstanding about our relationship, saying they like me, but I didn't know because I never had communication with any of the coaches there."

Sam Webb:  Are you anticipating hearing from them more over the next few weeks and months?

Ishmael Thomas:  "Yes I do."

Sam Webb:  As far as your process is concerned, obviously Mylan made an early decision.  You had a couple of teammates last year make early decisions.  Is that something that you were hoping to do or are you looking to wait a little bit longer for yours?

Ishmael Thomas:  "I talked to my parents about it and I said that I wanted to make my decision before the football season started."

Sam Webb:  Is that still your current plan?  You want to make it before the season starts?

Ishmael Thomas:  "Right.  Probably July or August… something like that."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to sit down and make that choice that final group that is left standing, whoever they might be, what is going to separate one team from the pack?

Ishmael Thomas:  "It is academics.  I want to get my degree and do something after college with it.  The football and my comfort level…  I want to be comfortable because I'm actually going to live there for four years."

Sam Webb:  Is there anything at this point that would make you hold up from making a summer decision?

Ishmael Thomas:  "My mom is in my ear talking about if the coaches didn't really make the decision (to offer) quick enough before the time I was going to (commit)… a bigger school, maybe I should wait out more if I really want to go to that school."

Sam Webb:  So is that something that might make you wait?

Ishmael Thomas:  "Yeah it might.  There are schools that I want to go to that I would be willing to wait for but there is a certain limit.  I don't want them to take so long that any other schools that I want to go to already have a full class and I am just left out to dry."

Sam Webb:  I'm not even going to ask you which schools those are because you aren't going to tell me, right?

Ishmael Thomas:  "No I'm not (laughing)."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Thomas in the coming days and weeks.

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