Bball Elite Camp Day 2 Recap – (Part 1)

In part one of GoBlueWolverine's recap of day two of Michigan's Elite camp, we discuss more standout play from Tim Hardaway Jr., Brandan Kearney, Ray Lee, and many more.

Tim Hardaway Jr. – I wish I could tell you how many three-pointers he knocked down during one contest, but I lost count after his fifth one. Tim has a silky smooth jumper that he gets off with ease. He combines that with a great feel for the game. He's not only a skilled player; he's an intelligent player as well. Tim had no problem sharing the wealth with his team even in the midst of his hot streak. His heady play helped jump start his teammates and build a massive lead. A system based on the three point shot would be great for a player like him.

Brandan Kearney – More of the same from "BK" on day two.  There's just a different air about him post USA-basketball.  He has a swagger and a confidence that wasn't present before. Two questions exist about his game right now… can he sustain this newfound swagger, and can he get bigger/stronger.  Physically, he still gets knocked off his shot at times… but if he stays under the watchful eye of cousin Stan Edwards, it won't stay that way for long.  A couple of notes… Brandan will unofficially visit Michigan State Tuesday.  And last, there should be a major announcement from Kearney in the coming months… and it has nothing to do with what college he'll attend. More on that when we're at liberty to share.

Ray Lee – This 6'2" point guard is an exceptional ball handler and an outstanding passer. He had all of that on display during Friday's team play. Lee continuously sliced through defenses with ease. The combination of court vision and scoring ability made him a nightmare for anybody that faced him. We witness him cut up defenses on day one with drives through the lane on day one, so we were hoping to get a better gauge of his jump-shooting ability on day two, and he didn't disappoint.  Knocking down the threes wasn't a problem. It's still early for him, but for his age group. This kid is the definition of the "complete package". He is a pure point guard that knows when to pick his spots while setting up others. Luckily he has time to build his currently slender frame. He also must do a better job of not falling in love with trying to make the highlight reel pass.  That led to turnovers on a few occasions. Keep an eye out for Ray because he will definitely be a top prospect in the 2012 class.

Matt Kamieniecki – Matt did not disappoint the crowd as he performed well during Friday's games. On day two he showed more of his diverse skill package, which includes a consistent three point shot. He added a series of strong drives to the rim and the ability to finish after contact. He's an efficient ball handler but not too flashy.  Matt ran the break like an antelope and had no problem finishing under duress. He looked like the kid we saw go to to toe with Nate Lubick at last year's camp. He would be a wonderful addition to any team because of his versatility and size.

Roy Marble – If anyone is planning on trying to embarrass Mr. Marble, please take my advice. Just don't do it! Otherwise, be prepared for an onslaught of buckets. Roy proceeded to victimize a player after the opponent made the crowd "oooh". The next three plays consisted the sounds of teammates yelling, "Yeah Roy!" This young man made penetrating the lane look simple. He also can finish in a variety of ways using floaters and reverse layups. He's another guy who will fill out eventually, but the skills are already present. He has to get bigger and must become a more proficient jumpshoter to move up the charts, but even without those improvements he is a heck of a player.

Josh Herbeck – This young man is absolutely fearless when it comes to shooting the three-ball. He definitely proved that today. It didn't matter if his shot was contested or not. But don't let that fool you. As Dre said yesterday, he aggressively drove to the basket and showed signs of increased ball handling skills. At one point in the game, the crowd let out a roar as he eluded a defender with a crossover into a step back three pointer. His outside shot can be streaky at times, but it's obvious is that the right system that won't be a problem.

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