Recruiting Needs: Met and As Yet Unmet

It is a good time to assess how Michigan's football recruiting class stands so far as far as meeting team needs -- and to look at how remaining needs stack up against the Wolverines' remaining recruits. And who better to ask than former Michigan Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet.

Mark, what do you think the recruiting needs were for this class?

With about fifteen scholarships to give out, I would guess the staff early-on wanted the following:
- one quarterback
- one running back
- one wide receiver
- one tight end
- two offensive linemen
- two defensive linemen
- two linebackers
- two defensive backs
- one 'athlete'
- one place kicker
- one snapper

That's fifteen.

So the next question is, how has Michigan had filled these spots so far?

Okay, going position by position:
- one quarterback. They actually got two, Clayton Richard and Sam Keller.
- one running back. Not exactly yet met -- I'm calling Anton Campbell an 'athlete'.
- one wide receiver. Not yet met.
- one tight end. Met with Adam Kraus, although he could end up at OL.
- two offensive linemen. Met with Jake Long and Jeff Zuttah.
- two defensive linemen. They landed one, Will Paul ... looking for one more.
- two linebackers. They landed one, Jim Presley ... looking for one more.
- two defensive backs. They got Leon Hall. Ryan Mundy I'm calling Mundy an 'athlete'.
- one 'athlete'. They actually got three: Anton Campbell (RB or DB), Prescott Burgess (DB or LB) and Ryan Mundy (DB or WR).
- one place kicker. Garrett Rivas.
- one long snapper. Pat Sharrow.

So, looking at unmet needs:
- Running back. Anton Campbell will probably start here, but Lynell Hamilton and Jerome Jackson are possibilities too, as is Tony Hunt.
- Wide receiver. They will probably see if Jayson Swain is still actually interested in Michigan. Otherwise, fortunately Mundy could play here.
- Defensive lineman. They are still recruiting the two Louisiana kids, Kirston Pittman and Carnell Stewart.
- Linebacker. They want Lamarr Woodley of course, and they will still visit Fred Sparkman. Shawn Crable is a 'tweener' between linebacker and defensive end.
- Defensive back. You can see now why they may still make an in-home visit with cornerback Paul Oliver from Georgia (a Georgia commitment who nonetheless visited Michigan in the fall).

That's about it. Looking at the class as it stands, I'd say they are fortunate they have three 'athletes' who can cover most of these unmet needs if they don't end up filling them otherwise.

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