Have things changed for Rashad Knight?

Jacksonville Trinity Christian defensive back Rashad Knight has had Michigan as his stated leader ... with the instate schools coming after him hard has anything changed?

Sam Webb: When we spoke previously you talked about taking summer visits. Have you set anything up?

Rashad Knight: "My coach is going to take us on a trip to a bunch of schools. We're going to leave July 30th. It's going to be me, my teammate Brandon Rogers, Matt Hardy and then we have some people from 2011, I think Amhad Christian and Andrew Buie. I think it's going to be six of us."

Sam Webb: Will you guys go as far north as Michigan?

Rashad Knight: "I don't know. Our head coach is going to get back with me on that. He just told me that he set the visit on July 30th. He said he is going to get back with me on exactly where we're going. I talked to my uncle who is at the airline and he has buddy passes where I can fly for free. I don't know when that he could fly me up to Michigan and go look at that, but I'm thinking of doing that. That'll probably be myself and a teammate."

Sam Webb: I know at one point you had Michigan at the top of the list but it looks like lately you've been backing off of that. Is that the case and if so why?

Rashad Knight: "No, my list hasn't changed. Right now, Michigan probably has the edge. If I had to go right now, yeah Michigan would have the edge, but I wouldn't say, ‘Oh wow, they're way up there,' because I haven't looked at every school. I've just talked to coaches. I've seen a couple of coaches. I really want to go take a look first and see how I feel at the schools."

Sam Webb: What are the latest offers you've received, any new offers?

Rashad Knight: "I don't have any real recent, you probably know Wake."

Sam Webb: I know the last time we talked you said Florida was starting to come on real strong. Are they talking to you any more about an offer?

Rashad Knight: "Yeah. He emailed me yesterday and I'm supposed to go, I can't remember the name, their camp. Florida's one day camp and also Florida State invited me to come to their little one day camp. Tthe position coach wants to see me cover man to man and if I do good then they supposedly going to offer me."

Sam Webb: Florida State said that?

Rashad Knight: "Florida and Florida State."

Sam Webb: What about time table? Let's say Florida offers a scholarship, Florida State offers you a scholarship, is there any chance that you just might go ahead and commit to one of those schools?

Rashad Knight: "No chance at all."

Sam Webb: What is your timeline look like at this point? I know at one point you were talking about before the season. Is that the case or are you going to wait now?

Rashad Knight: "I was talking to my coach and coming out of high school he was a big recruit. He said the best thing to do is to wait. So that's probably what I'm going to do. As far as Florida State or Florida, if they offer me I wouldn't just automatically just jump on that boat."

Sam Webb: Are going to wait, are you going to be looking at how these schools are doing in terms of other corners that they are recruiting?

Rashad Knight: "No, not really, because the way I feel is that if they offered me that they have some type of interest. I feel like I can go in and just compete with anybody. I'm not really looking at who they're offering who is committed to them. I look at who is already there, but I'm not really paying attention to who's going in."

Sam Webb: Are you worried about any of the schools running out of scholarships for your position and maybe not having a place for you?

Rashad Knight: "No, probably not."

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