UM Commits Reach Out to Christian

Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills CB has been a major recruiting priority for Michigan for quite some time. Lately the same can be said for a few Michigan commitments that have made it a point to try to lure the blue chip corner into the fold.

Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills CB Cullen Christian hit the road for a number of visits over the spring and summer, but he kept coming to the same conclusion; Michigan is the best school he has seen.  Now it seems that many of his other suitors are starting to feel that trying to loosen the Wolverines' grip is an exercise in futility.

"Recruiting has slowed down," Christian reported.  "It's definitely a little slow right now.  I was supposed to get (an offer) from Michigan State, but you know how that goes.  I haven't seen a hand written letter or nothing (since his cancelled visit to East Lansing a few weeks ago).  I know they read that article on the computer.  That's probably the way it's going to be (laughing)."

Christian opted to spend all of his time in the Great Lake State that week in Ann Arbor.  While on campus the Wolverine coaching staff informed him of their plans to court other corners while also reserving a spot for him.  Shortly thereafter the Maize & Blue picked up a commitment from Courtney Avery.  That development did nothing to lessen Michigan's chances at securing a verbal from Christian.  As a matter of fact, it enhanced them.

"I was already cool with Courtney," the Keyston State star said.  "I talked to him before he even committed.  I already knew (he was going to commit).  We both used to like Ohio State a little.  I actually met him when we were both up at Ohio State.  So we knew each other from that.  Then he came to Pittsburgh for the Scout combine and we were just talking and everything… and we exchanged numbers.  We've been cool and have been talking ever since then. When he committed to Stanford he told me he liked Michigan.  He said if he got an offer from (Michigan) he'd probably commit.  I talked to him the day he committed and the day after."

While on the phone, Avery put his recruiting hat on and began trying to lure's #3 CB into the fold as well.  Christian found the conversation pretty comical since he was already leaning heavily toward donning the winged helmet and has been for some time.   Nevertheless, the Maize & Blue sales pitch continues to come, and not just from Avery.

"I've got dudes hitting me up on Facebook telling me to come to Michigan," Christian said laughingly.  "One dude is from Pittsburgh.  He has a wild last name that starts with a P… (Jordan Paskorz).  He's working me. ‘Come to Michigan man, yeah! We can do this Pittsburgh thing bro!' (Laughing)."

As was stated a few weeks ago, it shouldn't be long before everyone knows exactly what Christian's future plans are.

"I think (the commitment date) is going to be before the season," he reiterated.

Now that things are pretty quiet on the recruiting front for Christian, he actually has time to pay more attention to the recruitment of other prospects like teammate Brandon Ifill.  Recently Christian noticed that things have begun heating up on the Michigan front with his good friend.

"He took a couple of visits to Rutgers and I forget the other school, but I know he supposed to be at Michigan on the 20th or somewhere around there," Christian said of Ifill.  "That's going to be his last visit so he is probably going to be in love with Michigan just like I am.  He took all of them other visits and this is going to be the best one.  I already know."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Christian in the coming weeks.

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