Michigan Courting Terry Talbott

One of the top defensive lineman in the Buckeye State is being courted by the Michigan Wolverines. Where do they stand? Is a visit in the works? GoBlueWolverine gets the latest.

It's not entirely rare to see a set of twins in the same recruiting class.  However, it is rare to find two brothers that aren't twins in the same recruiting class.  Huber Heights Wayne in Ohio has just that case with defensive tackle Terry Talbott and cornerback Terrence Talbott.  Both are being pursued by the University of Michigan, and GoBlueWolverine caught up with Terry, the older and bigger of the Talbott brothers.

  "We're nine months and one day apart," he told GBW. "I'm the oldest one!  I got to push him around a bit, man!  Big brother has to do what he's got to do," Terry joked.

  However, what isn't a joke is the tackle-Terry's demeanor on the football field.

  "When I'm out there on the field, I just like to roll around and have fun and hit the quarterback," he said.  "I just want to stand out and do the best I can and go 110 percent every time."

  Many schools have taken notice of the 6-3, 265 pound mammoth-in-the-middle and have extended him a plethora of scholarship offers.  While a Michigan offer isn't set in stone, it's something that's heavy in the discussion.

  "I know Wisconsin has offered me, Purdue and Illinois, a couple more Big Ten schools, UCLA, Kentucky, Arkansas, and North Carolina State too.  Michigan hasn't really offered me yet.  I'm just trying to see when I can get a chance to come up there.  We're having trouble with our cars, but I want to come up and visit."

  His brother Terrance is an admitted Ohio State fan, but Terry himself claims no allegiance to anyone, anywhere.

  "Every time I watched the Michigan-Ohio State game, I never really cared who was going to win.  I really don't have a college team.  I was excited for both of them and whoever won."

  While Michigan has been on the short end of the stick in the past few years of the rivalry, it hasn't stopped them from recruiting the state of Ohio and receiving a lot of interest.  For the older Talbott, the interest is mutual.

  "They were really just saying they were interested, and they want me to come up there and take a look.  It's one school I definitely want to come up and check out ... and get a look at the Big House."

  He'll have plenty of time to make that visit when his situations are figured out.  And the Wolverines will still have plenty of time to make a move on him, as Talbott finds himself in no hurry to even set a timeline to think of his decision.

  "I'm still kind of wide open.  I'm just going to take my time, and sit back, and then make a decision."

  When a decision does come along, the chances are strong that whomever he should choose, he'll have his little brother in tow.

  "I guess you could kind of say we're a package deal, but you never know what's going to happen.  But yeah, we'd like to go to the same school."

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